May 24, 2012 Update Notes — Autoattack Setting!

Written by Feldon on . Posted in Game Updates & Maintenance, Grouping, Raiding

As we first posted here, at long last, an Autoattack setting is being added to EQ2. This will benefit some Mages (Enchanters in particular) and virtually all Priests (Druids, Clerics, and Shamans) whose Alternate Advancement lines heavily favor Melee autoattacks. With this change, players will now be able to equip either Symbols or the newish Focus Ranged “Wand” items and still prefer Melee combat and its inherent benefits. Oh, and Rangers will now be able to set Ranged attacks at all times without the use of kludgy macros. Yay!

Autoattack Setting available in the Character/Persona window under Options.

Here are your Update Notes for May 24, 2012 from the EQ2 Forums:


Players can now select their preferred method of autoattacking using the /setautoattackmode command (0 for default, 1 for melee, 2 for spell/ranged) or by the drop-down setting in the Character UI options under ?Auto Attack Mode?.

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Comments (6)

  • Aarkon


    Finally they do something positive, now lets make the Dragon Skull from UD non-lore.


  • Malade


    I was hoping for a fourth option, “Don’t change from what I turn on”


  • StepChylde


    They’ve got that. Just set your melee attack key as /setautoattackmode 1 and your range attack key as /setautoattackmode 2. Then when ya turn em on it won’t auto toggle.


  • Liftik



    Now ALSO fix Dagger of Dracurion Conquest so that it’s a piercing weapon!

    \aITEM -928924898 -468693541:Dagger of Dracurion Conquest\/a

    I guess in it’s current inception, you’re supposed to use it butt-end first.


  • Striinger


    Any ranger notice a NPS drop when dealing with tanks that repeatedly drop the mobs in your lap?

    I want 0 min range on my bows again.

    This change makes my wife’s inquisitor very happy!


  • Carpediem


    I bugged them to add this for ages. Pretty lame they put it in a year after I quit.


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