Beastlord Entomology and the Dreadscale Invasion

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Barx of Antonia Bayle stumbled onto a quest while browsing their EQ2 Achievements window and confirmed its existence by finding a house item from the Claws of Veeshan faction merchant (in the pre-conflict City of Skyshrine) which is not for sale except to those who have completed said quest.

This quest (“Dreadscale Invasion of Dracur Prime“) is mentioned in a quest achievement as being an open quest (PQ?) and is also required to unlock a furniture item at the CoV faction armorer but despite having completed the entire instanced heroic questline I’ve not seen any evidence of it. Google also seems to turn up anything.

Is this quest in-game yet, or is this something planned for the future that didn’t make it live but was left with thise hooks to it?

Alternatively, has anyone complated all the dropped / clicky contested skyshrine starters and gotten to 50k CoV faction and seen this quest perhaps?

Kaitheel provided this helpful hint:

The quest has been implemented, and is in game. It is not a public quest, but only becomes available after other, particular quests have been completed…

Completing all 12 of the dropped and clicky quests will definitely help you! (hint, hint.)

These 12 quests are also worth repeating for the faction boost they provide.

Reward: \aITEM 2048657114 2000047423:Statue of The Wurm Mother\/a

Beastlord: Insect

As for those Beastlords who have wished to tame six- and possibly eight-legged friends, you’ll have to wait just a little bit longer. After hearing some vague hints in recent Webcasts about new Beastlord content in Game Update 63 sent players scrambling for any sign of new quests, Cronyn had this update:

It’s not in the game yet.

It’ll go onto Test first, I would imagine – I’ll give you guys a heads up when it’s going to up.

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Comments (7)

  • Charn


    I’ve done many of the drop quests and the “statue” quests, but I’m not sure if I’ve done them all. Anyone have a list of these quests or a link to a list so we can check our journals and see what we’ve done or are missing?


  • Feldon




  • Anarok


    There is another one also its called Skyshrine Savior” and wants you to complete the open quest “Revelations in the Temple”


  • Jazzalyn


    @Charn – Here’s the list I have so far. I appear to be missing two, which I believe are dropped quests in Dracur Prime section.
    1. A Bite out of Deathwings – Cd Clicky?
    2. Draconic Runes – Lyceum drop?
    3. Draconic Tome Recovery – CD drop
    4. Effigy of Drakinvess Mortis – Lyceum ___?
    5. Font of Everlasting Solemnity – Lyceum Clicky
    6. Lendinak’s Triumvirate –
    7. Lyceum’s Great Stage -Lyceum Clicky
    8. The Mother, Eternal -Dracur Prime Clicky
    9. Tozzkalem, the Grand Emporium –
    10. Vile Wings and Talons – CD drop?
    Will update if I figure out the last two.


  • Brigh


    It still ‘sarks’ that BLs cannot tame the psuedo-drakonines in Withered Lands, yet EVERYONE can get a pet to follow them around using the same model via a quest.



  • Rakushun


    1. Tozzkalem, the Grand Emporium – CD- Clicky
    2. Font of Everlasting Solemnity – CD – Clicky
    3. Draconic Tome Recovery – CD – dropped – repeatable
    4. Vile Wings and Talons – CD – dropped – repeatable
    5. Effigy of Drakinvess Mortis – Lyceum – Clicky
    6. Lyceum’s Great Stage -Lyceum – Clicky
    7. Lendinak’s Triumvirate – Lyceum- Clicky
    8. Droomscale Runes – Lyceum –dropped – repeatable
    9. A Bite out of Deathwings – Lyceum–dropped – repeatable
    10. The Mother, Eternal -DP – Clicky – REPEATABLE
    11. Bone to Pick or Two – DP – dropped – repeatable
    12. Tipping the Terror Scales – DP – dropped – repeatable


  • Morgrim


    Exotic Warder : Mystical
    Flesh Feeder in Kylong as well as the ones in TT on Fear Tainted Island.


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