Raid Zone Crashes, Freezing Up & Crazy Damage

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It’s now 2 weeks since players have been reporting some strange glitches with Velious raid zones. There seem to be 2 problems. The first is zones “crashing” and resetting back to their default states. This means all trash mobs must be killed again. The second issue seems involve players suddenly becoming all powerful and casting spells their class is not capable of, doing hundreds of thousands of points of damage, all while the entire raid force is frozen in place. It’s truly a bizarre bug to hear explained and yet several have reported it in 3 different threads:

From Simonx of Unrest:

In raids, both in Foundations of Stone and Hall of Legends on two different days, we had the zone glitch out, and our brigand continued to do damage, even though she wasn’t actually able to do anything on her screen. It would freeze everyone else, as far as being able to cast or move or really do anything but watch the parse go higher and higher as the brigand topped over 300k in a matter of seconds. Today, we noticed that the brigand was doing mental damage, and appeared to have an illy doppelganger type of pet which was what was actually doing all the damage. Once that pet died, everyone else was released from whatever was locking them down and was able to act again.

From Karelyn:

Had something very similar happen to us on the first named in Kraytoc’s challenge mode on Saturday. The zone locked up for everyone for maybe 10 seconds with a warlock’s parse continuing to increase rapidly during that time.

From Elhonas:

We had something like this happen in Temple of Rallos Zek (EM).  The zone lagged horribly for a few seconds, with no one able to do anything.  After a few seconds, the zone went back to normal, and the mob was dead.  Our wizard was the recipient of the awesome dps, doing 1 million dps and killing the mob.  ACT showed that she had melee’d it 186,000 times.

From Udef:

This zone is bugged. It crashed on us 3 times last night, twice on 2nd named, once on 3rd. On the 3rd attempt we had a GM watching so hopefully somethings being done about this. We reset the zone after 2nd crash and managed to get to the 3rd named, but again it crashed halfway through the fight

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  • Ghouti


    We’ve had some issues similar too. For us the Arch Magistor in Temple lags out like described where one of us does a gazillion dmg in the timespan of a second or two, killing the mob. Been different people each time so far. Rest of zone hasnt been weird besides the pathing of mikill.

    Foundations of Stone lagged out on the second named for us, but rather then someone doing massive dmg and ending the lag … it just stayed lagged and we all had to quite eq2 and wait then log back in. Happened twice yesterday.

    Kraytocs has been fine so far for us.


  • Adegx


    I may have seen this too last night in the TOFS x2. During the corpsemonger fight our coercer had an “undead knight” pet. It looked mostly like it just stood there. But no way he should have gained a necro pet. Expecially since his possessed essence was running around as well.


  • Chris


    Our MT Defiler 1 shoted a X4 named when it was still at 70% health. Free loot ftw.


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