MSNBC: Sony hires cyber sleuths to catch hackers

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Sony has hired outside investigators to help clean its networks and catch the people behind a massive breach that exposed the personal data of more than 100 million video game users.

The Japanese electronics giant has retained a team from privately held Data Forte that is led by a former special agent with the U.S. Naval Criminal Investigative Service to work alongside the FBI agents, who are also probing the matter.

Sony said on Tuesday that it has also brought on cyber-security detectives from Guidance Software and consultants from Robert Half International Inc.’s subsidiary Protiviti to help with the clean-up.

A Toronto law firm on Tuesday launched a C$1 billion ($1.05 billion) proposed class-action suit against Sony for breach of privacy, naming a 21-year-old PlayStation user from Mississauga, Ontario, as lead plaintiff. The damages would cover the cost of credit monitoring services and fraud insurance for two years, the firm, McPhadden Samac Tuovi LLP, said in a statement.

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  • Kruzzen


    It is funny, but even if they catch the people responsible, they sure as heck won’t get any money out of them. It was either someone who has no money or the chinese or russian maffia. Either way, they are going to have one heck of a time getting there money back. And right now with the lawsuit and the free month of service losses are around 2.5 billion dollars. Anyone see a price increase coming in the future… I will say now, if they raise there prices because of there screw up, by by SOE.


  • payingcustomer


    We should all cancel our subscription.And have them provide us with something to win us i just got charged for 3 accounts.but wait i thought servers are down and card information supposed to be on lock how could i get charged???even if it gets done from third party SOE u should have informed them to stop any transactions..
    And while the Servers are down, get the Servers all renewed.stop being cheap thats what got you in trouble in first place.
    I dont blame the hackers in no way.they where enforcing things that should have been done along time ago.
    27million customers 15$ per person they already made 405Million .and that is just if every person did the first i dont feel sorry for them.Fork out fix and provide the service you been charging for years.

    Nuff said.


  • Debbie


    Hacks happen. Just as soon as you have security in someone will find a way around it. As for paying customer you are very ignorant.

    For the lawsuit. There is a jerk popping out of the woodwork every minute. Greedy jerk hope he doesn’t get a dime. And shame on anyone who joins that suit.


  • TB


    There are two quite remarkable things about this situation. One is the utter lack of communication from SOE to their (valuable?) customers about what is being done, what progress is being made etc. I know that would be roasted alive if they promised a fix date and the date slipped, I don’t expect that. I just expect that a major multinational would have enough PR and marketing intelligence to handle this situation better.

    The second thing is that no-one seems to be thinking about the big picture. I think we are witnessing an event which may significantly change things for both gamers and MMORPG service providers, heck it may even fundamentally change the way we do things on the internet. And internet Goliath has been blasted into orbit by some pimply little David. We are watching an historical event in some ways but it is treated as an isolated incident.

    Finally, may the fleas of 1,000 camels come to rest in the armpits of whomever did this act. I am suffering bigtime from Evercrack withdrawal symptoms!


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