Multiple House Ownership & Prestige Homes FAQ

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An extensive Multiple House Ownership & Prestige Homes FAQ has been posted on the EQ2 Forums by SmokeJumper yesterday.

In brief, each character can have up to 10 houses. This can be any combination of regular houses within the cities (betrayal  and citizenship quests, which will be streamlined at a future date, will allow simultaneously owning houses in multiple cities), as well as ‘prestige houses’. Some of these prestige houses have been revealed (Freeblood manor, Everfrost summer house) and others have been hinted (Neriak Opera House, Qeynos Dojo, Maj’dul Library, Maj’dul Bottle). Within your 10 house limit, you may have 1 of each house type per character.

Players can now link their regular houses to prestige houses, and port directly to friend’s houses from their own house or even guild hall. This brings us a step closer to Guild Alliances, linking guild halls to facilitate grouping and raiding, but will still require an intermediate step of zoning to a regular or prestige home.

We provide the entire Multi-housing FAQ here for reference purposes:

Multiple House Ownership & Prestige Home FAQ

How many houses can I own?There is currently a limit of 10 houses per character. We set this limit conservatively for the launch of the feature. If 10 houses per person launches smoothly and everything looks great, then we’ll relax this limit in the near future. Each home you buy has to be unique. So, if there was no limit, you could potentially own one of each house in your Good/Evil-aligned cities, plus one each of each Prestige Home, if you so desired.

What kinds of houses can I own?

You can own any combination of up to 10 houses that you want, assuming you have the necessary prerequisites to purchase those houses.

“Standard houses” are the original city houses located in the six player cities of Qeynos, Freeport, Kelethin, Neriak, Gorowyn, and New Halas; plus the Maj’dul housing earned through the Courts of Maj’dul.  The houses in the six player cities have until now required citizenship in that city to purchase them; this is being changed so that only alignment is required. Example: if you are a citizen of a “good” aligned city (e.g. Qeynos), you will now be able to purchase houses in other “good” aligned cities (e.g. Kelethin or New Halas).

“Prestige Homes” are new, unique styled houses that may be acquired from multiple sources including LoN rewards, veteran player rewards, Station marketplace purchases, collector’s edition bonuses, and more. These are not tied to any specific city or alignment. Currently most of these are accessed via portals in South Qeynos (near Bayle Court) and South Freeport (near Justice Road). In the longer term we plan to change this to a custom interface that can be available in all player cities.

How does prestige house linking work?

Prestige homes can be accessed via a portal house item that you can place in any home or guildhall where you have at least trustee access. To get this portal house item, right-click on the outside door or portal through which you would normally enter your house from the city zone. There will be a right-click option “Get Portal Object”. This gives you a portal house item that you can place in another house. Once you place the portal house item, you can click on it to enter your prestige home just as if you had clicked the door/portal in the city zone. You can obtain and place as many house portal [sic.]

When a portal house item is placed in a home, it creates a two-way link between the two houses. For example, if you own a Freeport Manor in South Freeport (standard house) and also own the Skyblade Skiff (prestige home), right-click on the door to the Skyblade Skiff in South Freeport and select “Get Portal Object”.  Now enter your Freeport Manor, and place the portal item anywhere inside it. Click on the portal you just placed to zone directly into your Skyblade Skiff home.

To exit the Skyblade Skiff, click on the exit door as normal, and select “leave house”. This will bring up a list that contains all the houses that currently link either TO or FROM this house via portal object, as well as an option to exit to outside (back to the city zone).  In this example, the options you see would be “Outside to South Freeport”, and “Visit (your name) at Freeport Manor in South Freeport.  If you also placed a portal to your Skyblade Skiff in your friend’s home in Baubbleshire, then you would also see on the list “Visit (your friend) at Qeynos Village Inn in Baubbleshire”.

Where will the guildhall amenity “portal to member housing” take me?

If you own multiple homes, when you click the guildhall amenity “portal to member housing”, you will see a list of all houses to which you have been individually granted friend or higher access (ie, your name has been specifically added to the access list, you will not see houses that have set the default access level to “friend”).

How do broker and house vault slots work?

Now that you can own multiple houses, the number of broker and house vault slots are no longer based on which house you own.  Everybody has six broker slots and six house vault slots, regardless of how many or how few homes they own.  In-home vendor containers can be placed in any home you have trustee access to, as currently implemented.

How do I pay upkeep?

If your rent has expired, upkeep on your house can be paid by any trustee to your house from anywhere that you can enter your house, including in-home portal objects and the guildhall “portal to member housing” amenity.

How do I pack up and move to a new house?

Click on the external door to your home, or a portal item (for prestige homes), to bring up the housing window. Beside the “enter your home” and “pay upkeep” buttons is a third button. If you have furniture in your house, the button will say “move items”; selecting this will give you the option to pack the items into a moving crate and send it to any one of the other houses you own.  Once your house is empty, this button will display “relinquish house” which allows you to remove this house entirely from the list of houses you own.

Where can I place portals to my house?

In any house or guildhall in which you have trustee access allowing you to place the items.

What happens if I betray?

The betrayal process works the same way as before. However, when you arrive in your new city and buy a new house, it will no longer automatically move the items out of your old house, since you can now own more than one house.  Instead, if you wish to retrieve furniture you left in your old house, you may need to sneak back into your old city to pack it up.

Yes…this does mean that you can have a house, for example, in Neriak, and then betray to Kelethin, buy a house there and use a prestige home to link between the two.

An update on the house-selling merchant [for Test Copy]:

The merchant’s name is Fannie Fae (*smirk*) and she offers bargain prices on foreclosed discounted prestige homes for a limited time only!

She sells the following Prestige Homes:

  • Dojo
  • Maj’dul Library
  • Maj’dul Bottle
  • Opera House

You can only purchase one of each of these, but you can fill the rest of your 10 total homes (if you wish) with standard houses from around the world.

[On Test Copy,] Fannie Fae will be found in South Qeynos and South Freeport near the existing prestige home access points in those cities. She will not be added to live servers!


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  • Lathain


    Pretige House, what are they, can we get them with in game effort ?


  • Lathain


    nevermind got it, pretige house mean you cant get them by playing.


  • valavaern


    As far as where you can have houses, I’m a bit disapointed; I was hoping to at least get a little 2-room safe-house in Freeport, even if I live in Qyenos.

    What I’d REALLY love to see for this, though, is the ability, maybe after a quest of some sort, for ANYONE to buy property in the 2 Neutral cities; New Halas and Gorowyn. It would really help re-enforce their status as neutral, and also open some nice options for people with $$$ for the bigger places.


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