Stuck After Lucan D’Lere -> Crushbone Merger? Advice Inside

Written by Feldon on . Posted in Game Updates & Maintenance

From Rothgar on the EQ2 Forums:

I just wanted to check in and comment on the few people having trouble accessing their characters.

One thing you can try is deleting your cache and logincache directories. Also, you might try creating a new character on Crushbone. This normally forces a download of all characters on that server and will fix missing characters. You can then delete the temporary character.

I’m really glad to see there were so few problems with this merge. Makes sense that after so many of them they would start to get easier!

I’m also happy to hear that the performance is good for everyone. You’ll be happy to know that your population numbers are neck and neck with Antonia Bayle!

I was also really encouraged to see the warm welcomes and new friendships being made between Crushbone and LDL. There were a few merges that resulted in a bit of *ahem* competition, between the two original servers but it looks like you guys are getting along very well.

Thanks again for your patience through this process!


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Comments (3)

  • Craig


    I never had any big problems, but took the advise from here. Before going into the game, went to the character screen first, then entered the game.

    My only problem is that some of the changed hotkeys were lost (like I changed opening my bags with “b”), but it only took 10 mins to get it straightened out.

    From all the work that must have been done, I was very pleased on how little of a headache it was after logging in. Gratz SOE from me on this project.


  • Fievall


    For me I have another players bag in my shared bank slot. So far the response I got from the GMs on this issue is dismissive. I was told it was “likely” my stuff. I pointed out to the gm in a response that I’ve been playing the game since it came out, and that I knew for certain that the 4 slot bad full of t1 tsing material wasn’t mine, and that the name on the bag is stamped with a player from the merged server.

    I can deal with game crashes, and even some crappy content, as long as I’m having fun, but crappy cs agents, and gms will make me quit a game.


  • Daefadyl


    I’m just wondering where my over 300 city festival tokens went, and my frostfell tokens, went….I don’t mind merging…but i do mind losing tokens.


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