Battlegrounds Slip to the 25th

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Battlegrounds have slipped again to February 25th. From the EQ2 Forums.

Since we’ve stated in this thread that the Battlegrounds feature is launching on the 23rd with the digital launch, I’m updating here to say that we’re actually going to be pushing it back a few days to put a few extra anti-cheating measures in place.

The plan is for Thursday the 25th If there are any other updates, we’ll let you know!

In other news, timetravelling has several updates for us on changes are being made to PvP:

Wanted to call out a few changes that y’all will be seeing soon, pending internal testing:

  • Resists have been added to all SF PvP and BG armor. This should give players in the new PvP armor a higher ‘base’ for their resists.
  • Toughness has been improved. It still grants the flat reduction to PvP damage, however also grants 1.5x that amount of critical mitigation. This means that a full set of gear will give 40% damage reduction as well as 60% crit mit.
  • We are re-working the spell resist function to no longer heavily favor priests. Instead of basing it on WIS, it will be based upon STA–a stat that everyone has and pursues to varying degrees.
  • The resist formula is going to remain similar (though scaled down at the high end as it was possible for high-WIS characters to reach 45-50% spell resist), but will be based upon the *caster’s* level instead of the *defender’s* level. This will make it more difficult to attack much higher-level targets as they will naturally have a very high chance to resist your spells.

Thank you for y’alls patience and feedback over the last few days. Hopefully these changes will help smooth things out and make PvP more challenging and fun! =)


[with regards to being put into combat when struck by another player] It is a bug and is being looked into, I don’t have an ETA for you though, so did not include it. As soon as we have the cause and fix, we’ll hotfix it out. The intention is for this to apply to Battlegrounds only and not full-time PvP.


[with regards to Sorcerers and Crusaders being invincible to melee attacks] That is being looked into as well.

I guess with Battlegrounds going live this week (hopefully), SOE want to get their ducks in a row on PvP. Follow the thread at EQ2 Forums.

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  • Lessing


    I hope the changes with WIS and spell resists doesnt change anything in PVE. Where would be if we were favouring priests, god no!


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