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Think you’ve seen all there is to see in Antonica? Think you’ve explored every ice floe of Everfrost? Now you can be sure! The new Achievements system coming with Gu53 will allow you to, at-a-glance, determine if you have discovered every Location there is to discover in Norrath. This is broken down by Zone.


One of my top requests over the years has been a means to figure out if we have already toppled the reign of a specific enemy, or named monster. We saw improvements here, with the addition of a white star above the name of any targeted named encounter that we have never been victorious over.

The new Achievements system adds to this, by listing the major named creatures (and sometimes groups of named) by Expansion, and whether we have killed them.


There is one issue that those fastidious players who have already reached 200 AAs will face with the new Achievements system. Because named kills are not tracked for characters who have reached the current cap of 200 AA points, there is no way for those Achievements to be retroactively recognized until the Achievements system is in place. You’ll need to repeat any of those kills after Gu53 to get the Achievement for it.


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Comments (2)

  • Splode


    Took long enough. I’ve been wanting something like this forever.


  • Wyntakata


    I know the first piece of armor is from KoS dungeons. Where are the other 2 from?


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