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GU56: Daily Adorning Quest

Written by Feldon on . Posted in Game Updates & Maintenance, Tradeskill

The Sentinel’s Fate expansion (and its associated Game Update 55) opened the door to each character becoming a master of Tinkering, Transmuting, and Adorning. At least on Butcherblock, this change promptly doubled the price of all transmutable materials on the open market. Treasured weapons and armor, as well as Adept spells are now trading at record prices.

As a result, tradeskill societies of all major cities have received a visitor named Londiar Inygad who is interested in offering Adorning work to players. These are daily quests, appropriate to your Adorning level which allow you to make 10 adornments per day using materials provided to you by Londiar. These daily adorning quests can be picked up in West Freeport, Gorowyn, Kelethin (at Tunare’s Pages), Neriak, New Halas, and North Qeynos.

Completing these quests will reward you tradeskill experience, a city token, coin, and increase your faction with your city’s primary tradeskill faction.


These quests are completely optional and only add to the existing means of skilling up your Adorning, which is to transmute items, to make enough powders and fragments, to complete the standard Adorning recipes.

Max Skill Level

NOTE: Your maximum transmuting, tinkering, and adorning skills are based on your highest Adventure or Tradeskill level.

  • A level 80 adventurer or tradeskiller has a maximum transmuting/tinkering/adorning skill of 400.
  • A level 90 adventurer or tradeskiller has a maximum transmuting/tinkering/adorning skill of 450.

Taking Some of the Anguish out of Adorning

Written by Feldon on . Posted in Tradeskill

Ah… I remember the days… When low-level Adept spells and Treasured gear could be had for a mere 4-5 gold from the nearest broker. Those were the Salad Days (mmmm…Grilled Chicken Caesar). Then the Transmuters came.

Like the Others on the far side of the island, a new wave of Adorners and Transmuters, desparate for raw materials, have unwittingly jacked things up for the rest of us.  When everyone can be an Adorner, and only Adorners can make the cool toys, the market has, not surprisingly, shifted. And inflation, it turns out, is not just for bicycle tires and love toys.

With the cost of these materials now running 15-20g each, I’ve personally thrown in the towel on trying to level more than one Adorner/Transmuter. And this has surely had a ripple effect on those players in the level 20-40 range simply wishing to upgrade gear.

Adorning Work Orders?

It seems the situation has not gone unnoticed by the EQ2 Team. Here’s Domino‘s post from the EQ2 Forums:

Something that we’re considering adding when time permits is a daily adorning quest that would allow you to do X number of adorning combines with materials provided once per day. Obviously, there would have to be quite a few checks to ensure it’s not exploitable, but it’s something that we think could be added as an option to help get adorning past some of the more annoying-to-get-components-in level ranges.

I’m thinking around 10 combines per day (white con or harder as much as possible) might be reasonable. It certainly shouldn’t be an “easy button” or a fast track, but just a helpful assistance.

Again, this is still speculative, not a promise it will happen, but wanted to mention it’s something we’re discussing as a possibility.

Level Lock and Nuke

Of course you can always level transmuting/adorning by rolling a newbie character on either of the islands — Queen’s Colony or Outpost of the Overlord — disable XP at level 3, and just kill mobs over and over. At least until those islands are unnecessarily ripped from the game. Transmuting/Adorning Leveling for Dummies

I’ve been advised that this is potentially just a market correction, and once players either level up, or get bored of transmuting, they’ll move on and prices will settle back down. Now is not the time to buy transmuting materials, but it may not always be so.

Breaking Down Transmuting

Written by Feldon on . Posted in Expansion News, Game Updates & Maintenance

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about what changes we’ll be seeing to Transmuting come February 16th. So I thought it was worth a rehash as Transmuting is changing quite a bit.

The Way It Was

Transmuting started out as a secondary tradeskill. It granted the ability to not only break down unwanted Treasured, Legendary, Mastercrafted, and Fabled gear, but also make certain adornments. But the drawbacks have been many.

Transmuting could only be skilled up to 100 by breaking down items. Reaching 400 skill could only be achieved by crafting (at great expense) hundreds of worthless low level adornments. And because the adornment recipes were spread over all 9 primary tradeskill classes, as well as transmuters and tinkerers, there has never been a great demand for Transmuters.  Really, only 1-2 Transmuters have been needed in any one guild just to break down unwanted No Trade group/raid loot.

Transmuting in Sentinel’s Fate

Domino, lead tradeskill developer, took a lot of player feedback at Fan Faire and on the EQ2 Forums in order to revamp Transmuting and the art of making Adornments. In the process, the entire array of adornments has received attention as well. A lot of gaps have been filled and more options opened.

The biggest change is that Transmuting has been split from Adorning. They are now two separate skills. Transmuting becomes just another harvesting ability which all players get like Mining, Foresting, Trapping, and Gathering. By breaking down items, you can skill up your Transmuting ability from 1-450.


Where the rubber meets the road, so to speak, is in the new Adorning skill. Adorners make EVERY player-made adornment in the game. Instead of adornment recipes being spread out through all of the tradeskill classes, Adorners will be the only game in town for getting your favorite adornments. Adorners can only skill up their ability by creating adornments.

Best of Both Worlds

As we have reported, with Sentinel’s Fate, you will now be able to be a skilled Tinkerer and experienced Adorner on the same character. Both skills can be raised to 450 on the same toon!

The Transition

Those who have already mastered the art of Transmuting will find their skill carries forward in Sentinel’s Fate. If you have a Transmuting ability of 362, then when you login on February 16th, you will find that your character has skills of Transmuting 362/450 and Adorning 362/450. You’ll probably need to pick up any new recipes for new adornments that have come out, but you don’t have to start over!

Since a lot more people are going to be Transmuting, I’m going to link to the Transmuting FAQ. Figuring out which items can be transmuted is tricky at first.

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