June 15, 2010 Hotfix Notes

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EQ2 Servers will be coming down tomorrow morning at their usual time for the Tuesday hotfix. After the jump, check out the Hotfix notes for June 15, 2010:


  • Buffs cast on summoner pets like “Howl of the Damned” will persist through pet reloads (death and zoning).


  • The progress-tracking sign will now show up properly in Sinking Sands and Jarsath Wastes.


  • The adorning daily quest giver should now reliably have a quest feather displayed.


  • Charm rewards from BG and PvP merchants should now activate if in PvP Combat and with the correct item equipped.
  • The Priest of Discord has ceased to offer exchanges for both Discord’s Prescient and Enduring Disks.


  • The two versions of 4-rune Theer should now have slightly different names.
  • As long as enough people are alive, the Charged Soul spells and Inevitable Annihilation should no longer cast on the same person.


  • Looting the Rook key from the Frozen Corrival should no longer respawn the encounter.
  • The Frozen Corrival should no longer break encounter when pulled the rear wall of his room.
  • Vrewwx’s Deathchill Flames are no longer dispellable and also grant players the ability to move while casting.
  • Vrewwx should no longer despawn when leaving his platform. Instead he becomes immune to damage until he is returned to it.
  • The Cloak of Melting Ice should now be able to be looted by all classes.
  • Time between summoning adds for the Ice Maiden D’Ina encounter have been increased slightly.

Undocumented Changes

As reported on Thursday, today’s hotfix should also include the necessary changes to allow UK players to participate in US Battlegrounds. We won’t know for certain until either Rothgar posts again, or the servers are in sync later this evening.

We’ll report any other undocumented changes as soon as we hear about them!

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