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GU61 – Adjustments Being Worked Out

Written by Dethdlr on . Posted in Game Updates & Maintenance, Itemization

This just in from Smokejumper on the EQ2 Forums:

There are a number of things that we’re going to revisit on items:

a) The green stats matter. Progression of green stats will be attended to in the new pass.

b) There will be more variability between the value of stats on items. This was removed erroneously at the last minute. It will be returned. (Getting rid of the “all items have +29 STR on them in the same zone” effect.) There will be more “min/max-ability” on the items.

c) The dev team will be playing a lot over the weekend to assess item strength in the earlier zones. (Complaints we see are that low-leveled items are now overpowered.) Those zones had such outdated itemization previously that players are now seeing a huge increase in power in drops…we *think* at least partially because the items have been changed to be actually useful now. However, we’ll be assessing this over the weekend and then meeting first thing next week to discuss what will be done, if it’s out of adjustment.

NOTE: The items a, b, and c above will not affect the discussion of the balance of power between raids and the new heroic content. (Although “a” will have some affect on that.) That’s a separate discussion mostly.

ALSO PLEASE NOTE: These items will go to Test first. They are likely to be on Test before the end of the week (possibly even tomorrow). We *will* be listening to comments about them on the “In Testing” forum and responding to comments. Please *do* post if you test on that server.


GU61 – Do Over! AAs Reset and Items Unadorned Again on Friday!

Written by Dethdlr on . Posted in Game Updates & Maintenance

Apparently, two additional days wasn’t adequate to fully test everything coming in with GU61.  Who could have guessed?  There are reports that gear is randomly re-attuning itself when you zone or log off.  There is also some strangeness going on with AAs.  Rothgar has posted this on the official forums:

We will be hotifixing this bug tomorrow.  The downside is that all of your items will become unattuned again and we will refund adornments applied to any equipped gear.

After this runs tomorrow, the items should remain unattuned until you decide to attune them again.

Tomorrow’s hotfix will also include a fix for the AA trees not resetting properly or resetting at incorrect times.

Smokejumper has also chimed in on the issue:

Tomorrow’s hotfix will reset *all* AAs as originally planned. If you reassign AA points today, they will be reset again tomorrow, so feel free to experiment with settings today. You’ll get to reassign them again tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s hotfix will also properly unattune *all* items, even the ones in your bank. So you’ll need to reattune and empty out your overflow again tomorrow.

So I wouldn’t bother going through all your toons and making sure everything is set just right since tomorrow you’ll be thinking it’s GROUNDHOG DAY!

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