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ToV Preview: Me and My Pet Rock: Introducing the Channeler class!

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From Erin Oakley on the EQ2 Forums:

First announced at SOE Live 2013, the Channeler is a new player class coming on November 12 with the EverQuest II Tears of Veeshan expansion. Here’s an overview of this unique DPS healer:

A Priest with a Bow?

You heard right! The Channeler uses magically-charged shots to deal damage and heal their Construct and party members. Channelers can also wear leather armor, allowing them to take a few extra hits and keep on firing.


VIDEO from EQ2 Panel #1: Systems (Mechanics)

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Join members of the EverQuest II team including Michael “Xelgad” Ganz, Brian “Omougi” Ferguson, Nandy “Zoltaroth” Szots, and Kyle “Kander” Vallée as they talk about upcoming mechanics and systems changes in EQ2.

Watch the EverQuest II: Systems (Mechanics) panel recorded on Friday, August 2nd at SOE Live 2013!

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