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Guide to Timed Quests in Thalumbra

Written by Faelen Rizzek on . Posted in Game Updates & Maintenance

Around Thalumbra, there are a number of fun timed quests that can be completed for a variety of rewards! I have seen a lot of people asking about these quests and the rewards, so I decided to make a short guide to how they work and where they are!

First of all, the timed quests are repeatable every 2 1/2 – 3 hours, and they vary in difficulty from very easy to pretty hard. They all require you to complete a set of tasks within the allotted time, or it will fail and you will have to wait before trying again. All of them reward you with the same thing, a “Dirt encrusted key”, which can be unpacked for a reward, as well as some coin and faction.

Unpacking a “Dirt encrusted key” awards you with “Ancient silver engravings” which can be sold for status, as well as one of three possible rewards:

  • An ancient gold key
  • An ancient platinum key
  • An ancient umbrite key
These keys are then used to open corresponding treasure chests which appear randomly out in Thalumbra. The different keys correspond to different tiers of loot, where opening a gold treasure chest, being the lowest tier, awards you with something of solo quality and going up from there. You may have to fly around for a while before finding any chests, and it is possible to use multiple keys of the same type on the same chest. There is therefore no harm in saving up a bunch of keys until you manage to find one!

Now that you know what the rewards are, you might be thinking “This sounds fun! Where can I start these quests?” Here you go!

To date, there have been ten different timed quests discovered:

  Crate Courier (465, 19, 885) (easy)
  The Lost Miner (446, 85, 366) (easy)
  Rubble Rampage (184, 79, -440) (easy)
  Swimming For Shrooms (950, 43, 198) (easy)
  Unsealed Tombs (362, 177, 555) (moderate)
  Memory Bloom (515, 73, -167) (moderate)
  Millions of Leeches, Leeches for Me (342, 483, 100) (moderate)
  Extinguish the Flames (-107, 232, -692) (Hard)
  Pox Raiding (-428, 258, 393) (Hard)
  Leech Liberator (-404, 31 -497) (Hard)


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