Summer Ethereals to Open to Standard Heroic Zones

Written by Feldon on . Posted in EQ2, Game Updates & Maintenance, Grouping, Itemization

This year’s Summer Ethereal event had a twist — only by completing Expert Zones could the Ethereal Tokens be acquired. After much forum outrage, it seems good has prevailed. From Discord chat:


Now if we can just get a patch for the matchmaker in Dungeon Finder!

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  • Kruzzen


    I think they realized how much a fail it was for just experts. Betting the group doing them is very small.


  • Archangel


    Likely the change happened, because of Feldon’s posting of the actual number of player characters who finished expert zones. And subscribers after seeing those numbers, complaining to Daybreak.

    After all last year’s Summer Ethereals were earned by running just Heroic’s.

    This worries me. A fat (profitable) and arrogant company ignores these things. A marginal company/IP bends over.

    “I did laugh at all the comments about “if you don’t like it, don’t play it.” I’m reminded of the old cartoon about a customer standing in line, getting lip similar to that comment. The retort from the customer, “You seem to be confused. You’re overhead. I’m profit” ”


  • Kruzzen


    Yea, but they should have been able to see that without Feldon showing it to them. I mean, I do data analytics for a living. It is not that hard to see. lol. But at least the corrected it now.


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