On Test: Nights of the Dead 2016

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From Kaitheel on the EQ2 Forums:

Nights of the Dead has been activated on Test server!

Nights of the Dead brings goblins and ghoulies out from the shadows. Those inclined to celebrate the holiday through crafting will find a new book of recipes full of new house items being sold by official event merchants. And those feeling more adventurous can hunt ghosts in Antonica, and the Commonlands, or investigate the multiple haunted locations! Setri Lur’eth returns, and may or may not have another task for those willing (or not so willing) to help. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for special sparklies in spooky celebration spots! And remember, tricks and treats are the name of the game!

New Features for ’16!

  • TLE – Stormhold
    • Welcome to the first full live event activated on the TLE server! Now that all expansions up to Rise of Kunark have been released, there is no content within NotD that cannot be made accessible to you. Enjoy the festivities in their entirety!
  • New collection!
    • A Swinging Wake
  • New costume illusions available from holiday merchants!
    • Ssraeshza Akheva
    • Ssraeshza Grimling
  • The Nights of the Dead merchants have new things to sell!
    • Celebrations of the Dead IX
    • New house items!
    • New equipment!
    • New Petamorph Wands!

If you’d like to help test this content, head over to the EQ2 forums and keep reading!

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