Don’t Punt the Gnome… Tinkerfest Returns!

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Tinkerfest LogoThe cogs are oiled and the steam is rolling out—it’s time for Tinkerfest celebrations! The event runs from 12:01am PT on July 21st through 11:59pm PT on August 3rd. This year features one new collection, new quest reward options for “We Can Rebuild”, as well as more merchant items, Tinkering recipes, and Master Tinkerer blueprints. Previous quests will make their return along with the Aether races in Butcherblock, Great Divide, Lavastorm, and Tenebrous Tangle.

tinkerfest_jumppackThe new Tinkerfest Jump pack!

Niami has posted pictures of the new recipe and merchant items over on EQ2 Traders. The Stormhold TLE server will have a special Tinkerfest themed merchant, a celebrating tinkerer—as well as Shiny Tinkerfest Cog spawns—in Freeport, Qeynos, and Steamfont.

Guide Sections:

Too many alts? Get the Tinkerfest quest tracker! Print it out or copy it to your own Google Drive by going to the File menu and choosing “Make a copy…”.

Tinkerfest Portals

Bonemire At the Drednever Crash Site /way 33, 40, 485
Freeport At Inventor’s Outlook in East Freeport /way -107, -24, 107
Gorowyn On the lake platform under the city in Timorous Deep /way 2578, 8, 1230
Great Divide At Thurgadin Harbor /way 1284, -540, 424
Kelethin Near Kelethin First Regional Bank in Greater Faydark /way 298, 106, 153
Moors of Ykesha At the Dropship Landing Zone near the bank /way 1780, 453, 837
Neriak Next to Indigo Hollow’s teleporter /way 42, 18, -33
New Halas Between the city and dock in Frostfang Sea /way -425, 53, 31
Qeynos At Inventor’s Threshold in North Qeynos /way 266, -16, 67
Solusek’s Eye Near the Solusek Mining Company /way 33, 14, -41

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Bits and Baubles Craft select Tinkerfest items
Famed Phosphorescence Craft select Tinkerfest lighting units
Full Metal Domicile Craft select Tinkerfest building blocks
Furiously Fast Participate in all four Tinkerfest Aether races
Gnomachine Too Complicated Complete several Tinkerfest quests

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All quests require knowledge of the Gnomish language to obtain them.

Quest Name Repeatability Starts In…
Friendly Competition Once Per Year Steamfont Mountains
Tinkerfest Cheer Infinitely Repeatable Steamfont Mountains
A Tinkerer’s Clockwork Catalog Infinitely Repeatable Guide Quest
Great Balls of Fire Repeatable 50 Times Steamfont Mountains
The Legend of the Geargobbler Once Per Year Steamfont Mountains
The Tome of Tinkering Infinitely Repeatable Guide Quest
If They Only Had a Brain Infinitely Repeatable Steamfont Mountains
Foray Into Ulterior Mechanica Once Per Year Steamfont Mountains
The Reticent Tinkerer Non-Repeatable Steamfont Mountains
Tinker-Bound History Once Per Year Steamfont Mountains
We Can Rebuild Once Per Year Steamfont Mountains
Tinkered Parts Collection varies
(NEW) Tinkerer’s Extraordinary Toolbelt Collection varies

Aether Racing

Butcherblock Mountains
Great Divide
Tenebrous Tangle

Infinitely Repeatable Race Zones

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New Content

COLLECTION: Tinkerer’s Extraordinary Toolbelt
REQUIRES: Completion of Tinkered Parts
ZONES: Freeport or Qeynos; Steamfont Mountains

Collect purple shinies in Gnomeland Security HQ as well as either Freeport or Qeynos. Five of the collection items are from Steamfont while four are from the cities (either city; they both have the same).

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Returning Content

QUEST: Friendly Competition
TO START: Speak to Didyma at /way -577, 171, 997 in Steamfont Mountains

  1. Speak to Jon Jeffas at /way -565, 172, 1048
  2. Collect the following components in Steamfont:
    • rusty springs: near the Greater Faydark zoneline around /way -524, 127, 648
    • discarded whirliblade: close to Klak’anon around /way -231, 84, 1404 or /way -305, 91, 1416
    • armored plates: around the perimeter of Mazkeen Crater
    • gnomish grease: in nearly every building inside Gnomeland Security HQ
  3. Return to Jon Jeffas to receive Battleclock Blueprints 1.1
  4. Craft the battlebot recipe on the work bench at /way -520, 175, 1037 after purchasing 5 Sparkling Coal from Fizza Cogsworth
  5. Return to the battleclock ring, right-click Quixilver inside the ring to select “use”, then watch the fight
  6. Speak to Jon to complete the quest


QUEST: Tinkerfest Cheer
TO START: Speak to Tomker at /way -515, 171, 1000 in Steamfont Mountains
TITLE REWARDS: “the Gnomish Spirited” (complete quest x5); “the Deliverator” (complete quest x10)

  1. Fill jugs at three Tinkerfest Portals
    1. Suggested route:
      1. Steamfont druid ring to Moors of Ykesha
      2. Moors of Ykesha bell to Greater Faydark
      3. Greater Faydark bell to Frostfang Sea
  2. Return to Tomker to complete the quest


QUEST: A Tinkerer’s Clockwork Catalog
TO START: Offered by a Volunteer Guide on live servers, or by speaking to Researcher Cogturner at /way -584, 174, 933 on the Test server

    • Use the catalog skill to catalog the following mobs:
      • Inside Gnomeland Security: a clockwork gnome scrapbot, a cargo clockwork spider
      • Outside Klak’anon: a wayward clockwork gnome, a clockwork diaassembler, a clockwork collector, a clockwork explorer
      • Inside Klak’anon (at the entrance): a glitched clockwork spider, an impaired clockwork gnome
    • The quest will auto-complete when done


    QUEST: Great Balls of Fire
    TO START: Speak to Mad Mattie at /way -657, 130, 934 below Gnomeland Security HQ in the Steamfont Mountains
    “the Explosive” (complete quest x25); “Watchman” (prefix title; complete quest x50)
    choice between cloaks [Clockwork Dreams, or the Ruthenium or Carbonite Drape] (complete quest x5); choice between cloaks [Carbonite or Ruthenium Great Gear] (complete quest x35); Grand Tinkerer’s Mask (complete quest x40)

    Use the remote detonator on 10 nearly Erratic Tinkerfest Clockworks. Speak to her when done.


    QUEST: The Legend of the Geargobbler
    TO START: Speak to Didyma at /way -577, 171, 997 in Steamfont Mountains

    1. Speak to Nell at /way 1745, 453, 796 in Moors of Ykesha (take the Steamfont druid ring to get there quickly)
    2. Return to Gnomeland Security HQ in Steamfont (use the unstable tinkered portal at /way 1780, 453, 837)
    3. At /way -538, 174, 954 speak to the stealthy clockwork, then pick up the wrench he leaves behind
    4. Return to Nell, who gives you the Clockwork Admin Key
    5. Return to Gnomeland Secuity and target a hidden clockwork at /way -596, 176, 933, then examine the admin key. This will zone you into an instance called Admin Level Access.
    6. Head east across the room, avoiding combat if possible. Invis/Stealth will work. Make your way up the southern ramp.
    7. Head to the central area on the northern side of the upper level. Speak to the Geargobbler System at /way 4, 15, -6. Go through all of its dialogue options for the update.
    8. Return to Nell in Moors of Ykesha to complete the quest


      QUEST: The Tome of Tinkering
      TO START: Offered by a Volunteer Guide on live servers, or by speaking to Researcher Bibiaurelia at /way -583, 174, 931 on the Test server

      • Collect the following items:
        • tinkered gadget: from purple event shinies
        • tinkered gizmo: from purple event shinies
        • tinkered widget: from purple event shinies
        • Gnomish Spirits: reward from the quest Tinkerfest Cheer
        • Shiny Tinkerfest Cogs x5: ground event spawns in Gnomeland Security and around Tinkerfest portals
      • The quest will auto-complete when all updates are made


      QUEST: If They Only Had a Brain
      : Complete the quest Great Balls of Fire 5 times; minor Tinkering skill
      TO START: Speak to Blantsworth Coggington III at /way -619, 176, 923 near Gnomeland Security HQ in Steamfont Mountains
      TITLE REWARDS: “Brainiac” (prefix title; complete quest x5; title will be purchasable from Myron)

        1. Scribe the Tinkered Clockwork Brain Blueprints (recipe is Tinkering skill level 50; grab the Tinkering ability counters from the Tinkerer trainer in HQ)
        2. On a workbench combine three batches of lead clusters x3, tin clusters x3, and basic coal x6 (so you need a total of 9 lead, 9 tin, and 18 coal)
        3. Go to the Erratic Tinkerfest Clockworks from Great Balls of Fire and click on five of them to install the brains (read the clockworks’ dialogues for some additional fun)
        4. Return to Blantsworth to complete the quest


        QUEST: Foray Into Ulterior Mechanica
        TO START: Speak to Professor What at /way -585, 174, 952 in Gnomeland Security HQ in Steamfont Mountains

        1.  Click on a boom burble (a flaming beetle around Gnomeland Security HQ) before it explodes
        2. Use the Whatzzit’s Hover Clank zone mount found behind Professor What
        3. Use the Pocketed Boom Burble in your inventory in front of the exhaust port at /way -297, 142, 1357
        4. Click the mound to enter the instance Klak’anon: Ulterior Mechanica.
        5. Follow the ramps upward counter-clockwise; collect boom burbles as you go (these will be useful later on)
        6. Pull the Clockwork Gate Lever at /way -33, 14, 113
        7. Head down the path to clear all of the clockworks
        8. Return to the gate and continue clearing clockworks until you get the zone message about doors lifting
        9. Head through three more sets of gates until you find Central Contrapticus at /way 330, 0, 0
        10. Collect three burnt objects from the ground around and behind Contrapticus (sparkly piles)
        11. Send boom burbles at the charged field to destroy the five components (kill clockworks that spawn each time)
        12. Collect the destroyed components
        13. Return to Professor What in Gnomeland Security to complete the quest


        QUEST: The Reticent Tinkerer
        TO START: Speak to Redd at /way -534, 175, 1013 in Gnomeland Security HQ in Steamfont Mountains
        ADDITIONAL REWARDS: Tik-Tok language; access to two clockwork mercenaries (a Berserker and an Inquisitor)

        1. Knock on the door twice and speak to Redd
        2. Pick up the appearance-only gas mask in front of the door and put it on
        3. Click the door to enter Redd’s Abode
        4. Speak to Redd then follow him. Once he stops, speak to him again.
        5. Follow these instructions:
          1. Pull the gate lever to open the gates
          2. Return to load a cannonball into the cannon
          3. Wait for clockworks to emerge from the gates
          4. Fire the cannon, then reload
            • The cannon has a red outline when it’s ready
            • Fire quickly when you see the “Target Acquired” message
            • Failure to fire equates to death; the clockworks are epics
            • If you die: stay in the instance, close the gates, and reopen them
          5. Destroy five waves of clockworks and close the gate with the lever
        6. Collect parts from in front of the closed gates
        7. Speak to Redd then take his hoverdisc to Klak’Anon: Redd’s Request
        8. Follow the orderly to /way -101, 2, -61 and get your stolen decodicon back
        9. Take the tunnel at /way -5, 0, -98 to obtain the parts:
          • plugs: kill a drone shredder Mk II x6
          • lever: kill the Overseer around /way 101, -12, -102
          • lever: kill the Taskmaster around /way 155, -18, 148
        10. In the center of the room click the sockets on either side of the glowing door
        11. Pull the levers
        12. Enter the room to get the fluctuator gears by clicking the Gear Console Panel then the gears higher up on the panel
          • Fun fact: you can learn the Tik-Tok language from doing this step
        13. Return and speak to Redd, then wait for his signal
        14. Press the red button at /way -49, 59, -44 to complete the quest


        QUEST: Tinker-Bound History
        TO START: Speak to Rosealyn at /way -582, 173, 946 within Gnomeland Security HQ in Steamfont Mountains

        1. Collect eight pages around Tinkerfest portals. There are two per location:
          • Moors of Ykesha
          • Gorowyn
          • New Halas
          • East Freeport or North Qeynos
        2. Return to Rosealyn
        3. Go to the observatory (building with the telescope), east of Gnomeland Security HQ
        4. Speak to Kripkie Clatterpyle at /way -962, 157, 725
        5. Kill the papernado
        6. Speak to Kripkie again
        7. Return to Rosealyn to complete the quest


        QUEST: We Can Rebuild
        TO START:
        Speak to Tinker Thermald at /way -612, 175, 989 within Gnomeland Security HQ in Steamfont Mountains
        NEW REWARD
        : Rusty Mechanized Bow (can be upgraded by Master Tinkerers into a Tinkered Mechanized Bow)

        1. Click the barrel by Thermald to zone into A Dream of Clockwork
        2. Speak to the dream figment
        3. Kill the six named mobs:
          • An Adventurous Fighter around /way -134, -24, 97 (near ramp in). Drops the King’s Cog.
          • An Adventurous Wizard around /way -126, -22, 163 (south of fighter). Drops the King’s Pin.
          • An Adventurous Coercer around /way -22, -4, 8 (NW-most path). Drops the King’s Speech.
          • An Adventurous Bard around /way 3, -12, 107 (far west room). Drops the King’s Resistor.
          • An Adventurous Scout around /way -56, -13, 204 (SW room). Drops the King’s Gear.
          • An Adventurous Coercer around /way -183, -36, 4 (NE room). Drops the King’s Capacitor.
        4. Return to the dream figment
        5. Speak to the possessed clockwork and zone back into Steamfont
        6. Speak to the concerned gnome at /way -612, 175, 994 to complete the quest


        COLLECTION: Tinkered Parts
        Gnomeland Security HQ in Steamfont Mountains or around any Tinkerfest portal

        Collect all the items in this collection by gathering purple shinies in the areas listed above.


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