Bonus Ethereal Coins and New Marketplace Bags

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Look to the Marketplace for new items that are available starting today! Also, members will earn bonus Ethereal coins until Monday, July 25.

As of this patch, players now have the ability to display a quiver appearance in-game! Look to the Marketplace under bags > quivers for new items that let you show off your interest in archery! Quivers are priced at 1299DBC.

Also, new bags are available in the Marketplace on all servers! 66-slot bags of a variety of appearances are available for 999DBC. Regular 50-slot bags can be purchased for 599DBC.

Double Ethereal Coins

Summer 2016 Ethereals are in full swing! If you’re not familiar with this year’s Ethereal event, check out the post here.

Members earn DOUBLE Ethereal Coins until Monday, July 25, 2016 at 11:59PM PDT.

Not currently a member? All Access membership has its perks!


Previously, there were only a few ways to get bags with more than 63 slots — the Claws of Veeshan bag for attending SOE Live 2014, the Rallic Pack from doing the Tuesday Daily Tradeskill Mission in Tranquil Seas, and Naylie’s Nebulous Newsbag from completing the Guide quest “Nebulous Newsies“, or if you purchased the Terrors of Thalumbra Collector’s Edition for $89.99. With today’s Marketplace update, it looks like anyone can now buy 66-slot bags for $10. While it’s possible to acquire two of these convenience items through gameplay, if you want more, there’s only one choice.

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Comments (5)

  • Chillispike


    With collectors Edition of ToT you got the 88Slot “Bag of Dirty Tricks”


    • Feldon


      Eek I forgot! I guess I don’t think about it because I’m not in this picture…


  • Narsikus


    Am I being overly paranoid by thinking they are offering great deals (LON stuff, ToT expansion, 66 slot bags) to get us to spend as much of our DBC as possible? I could see them trying to liquidate prior to big changes coming and it has me a bit worried.


  • Ambe


    That explains why we cannot craft any higher tier bags or boxes! Otherwise who’s going to pay for a few more slots bags with DBC or real cash?


  • Noctew


    Oh great! Yesterday I bought an appearance bag on Thurgadin, thinking it was one of the new ones. Today I find out that they forgot the Thurgadin marketplace, it was still a 44 slot bag and today there’s a 66 slot bag on the marketplace instead in exactly the same place. Well at least yesterday’s item was cheaper.

    In other words: the old, cheaper 44 slot bags like Bard’s Backpack are now unavailable on the marketplace and replaced by more expensive but bigger versions.


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