Norrathian Spotlight: Niboota the Tourist

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Suka has taken up the mantle of spotlighting EverQuest II players who contribute to the community in meaningful ways and this month she has chosen Niboota.

From the EQ2 Forums:

Today we put a face on Niboota! We are all familiar with Niboota and her marvelous videos tours of different houses on each server. She has done a great job of inspiring decorators and promoting them. She has posted many things on the forums including a detailed post on how to invite her to video tour your home.


Q: How long have you been playing the game?

I’ve been playing since launch, with the exception of a 2 year break after the release of Age of Discovery

Q: What server do you play on?

Antonia Bayle

Q: What inspired you to create videos of houses

I have always loved the housing and been an ambitious tourist. I can easily kill an entire day touring, and what better way to get more people to design homes than to show everyone how much you enjoy them?

Q: Can you tell us how to find your videos? and your website?

The Evertour Entries can be found at

Continue reading the interview and spotlight on the EQ2 Forums…

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Comments (2)

  • Wulfen


    Thank you, Suka, for featuring Niboota on Forums… and Feldon for bouncing it over to EQ2Wire, my go-to site.
    I knew nothing about her until my Main got a letter in the mail announcing that Omma’s Island Library would be videotaped on this strange website I had never heard of.. The event happened in March, 2015. Watching the video, I knew that the vast majority of houses she has visited are far more creative and deserving of her time than this special place.
    Ever since then, however, I bring in armloads more books, and carefully place them according to theme, and make efforts with the mind thinking…”This must be as perfect as possible… People might care enough to visit… Maybe even Niboota again!”
    She has enhanced my game experience. Thank you, Niboota 🙂


  • Narsikus


    Fake picture. She’s way too pretty to be an mmorpg player


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