Update Notes: Thursday April 28, 2016 — GU100: The Siege of Zek

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US Servers: 8:00~10:00am PDT | 11:00am~1:00pm EDT | 16:00~18:00 BST | 17:00~19:00 CEDT
EU Servers: 8:00~10:00am PDT | 11:00am~1:00pm EDT | 16:00~18:00 BST | 17:00~19:00 CEDT

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From the EQ2 Forums:

The Orcish Wastes have been invaded! The Green Hood and Deathfist clan have been routed by a new breed of orc, The Scourge, who are preparing their armies to advance beyond the wastes. They must be stopped, or Norrath will be ruled by the tyrants of The Hounds of War!

  • Zek, the Scourge Wastes [Heroic]: Story Progressed Heroic Overland Zone
  • Zek, the Scourge Wastes [Solo]: Story Progressed Solo Overland Zone
  • Signature Quests – Special quests for max level Adventure players! Check your mail for how to get started!
  • Level Agnostic Shard of Love – Version of Shard of Love: Moment in Valor dungeon that scales for players 20-100!
  • Heartbound: Become heartbound to that special someone to gain a nifty new title and bonuses for playing together!
  • New stat “Resolve” which NPCs and players alike can raise. Matching your opponent’s resolve will keep you from incurring added damage from the adversary and make it easier to keep your outgoing damage at its full potential. All Terrors of Thalumbra items have gained the resolve stat to help get you started!
  • Equip 2 Relic Items AND 1 Greater Relic item

  • Heroic & Advanced Solo Dungeon, Scourge Keep for max level players! Can you figure out all the mysteries contained within?
  • All new craftable Blood Iron armor and 2 new provisioner recipes!
  • Experience Vials: Store your hard-earned experience and share it with others!
  • New Fabled dungeons: Cazic Thule, Sanctum of Fear, Ruins of Varsoon, and Chamber of Immortality!
  • Over 40 new collections!
  • New owl flying mounts!


  • Removed the embedded Legends of Norrath (LoN) client from the EverQuest II client. If you wish to continue playing LoN, please download and use the standalone client available at www.legendsofnorrath.com.
  • Characters on Thurgadin have been granted legacy server titles.
  • Fixed a bug where it would take a long time for your Daybreak Cash balance to show in the marketplace window.
  • Fixed a bug where players could lock other players out of Kralet Penumbra.


Encounters and player characters now have a new contested stat called Resolve. PC’s who have less Resolve than their NPC targets will deal less damage and receive more damage equal to 1% for every point that their Resolve is below their opponents Resolve. Pet classes share resolve with pet’s and swarm pets.

Example 1: Playerbob has 150 Resolve while his target NPCGnoll has 200 Resolve. Playerbob will deal 50% less damage against NPCGnoll and NPCGnoll will deal 50% more damage to Playerbob.

Example 2: Playerbob has 150 Resolve while his target NPCOrc has 100 Resolve. Player bob will deal normal damage and NPCOrc will not deal any extra damage to Playerbob.


  • Characters may Heartbond to their one and only via a Heartstone.


  • All classes now have a raidwide resolve buff.
  • TLE Server: Reduced outgoing damage of Lifeburn.


  • New Fabled zones including The Fabled Temple of Cazic-Thule, The Fabled Sanctum of Fear, The Fabled Ruins of Varsoon and The Fabled Chamber of Immortality are accessible via a portal on the docks in the Thundering Steppes.


  • Collectible shinies in the Kromise Caves of Everfrost no longer spawn below ground.
  • A Kromise lookout in the Kromise Caves of Everfrost no longer walks below ground.

Jarsath Wastes

  • Collectibles should all be spawning above ground.

Kunzar Jungle

  • Entering zone via the druid ring should no longer result in getting stuck in fallen stones.

The Shard of Love

  • The Shard of Love is now available as an Agnostic zone for levels 20-100.
  • The Shard of Love is now available on Timelocked servers.

Vasty Deep: The Vistigial Cella

  • Delahnus the Dauntless will always appear [for the Epic Repercussions quest] regardless of how fast Queen Gwarthlea is slain.

Kralet Penumbra: Uzulu Deep [Event Heroic]

  • Jinsky Sparehopper’s spare parts will no longer assemble after he dies.

Kralet Penumbra: The Hive Mind [Raid]

  • Penumbran Chanters will now spawn slightly less frequently.
  • Karith’Ta’s Telekinetic Stasis should go away when he is defeated.

Queen’s Colony

  • Direspike is no longer able to be charmed.
  • Players can now switch to a groupmate’s instance by right clicking their name in the group window.

Emerald Halls

  • Many item drops from Emerald Halls have been adjusted to be in the proper stat progression.


  • Resolve has been added to all Terrors of Thalumbra gear.
  • Characters may now use 2 RELIC items.
  • Some RELIC items are now GREATER RELIC items. Characters may equip a single GREATER RELIC item.
  • Adjusted the crit chance granted by hex dolls to be in line with TLE server crit chance items.
  • Experience Vials are now available in the Marketplace. Once purchased, experience vials may be enabled from the UI to convert your earned experience points
  • Form of the Ice Efreeti and Facade of the Dhalgar now work with mounts.
  • The fathomlurker shiny seeker has been convinced to offer Thalumbra collectibles more often now.
  • The dropped version Signet of Pure Terror has been renamed Signet of Unbridled Terror to avoid confusion with Lore-Equip flags.
  • All Thalumbra fertilizers are marked as treasured now.
  • Tales of the Kromzek pages 4-6 have been removed from the Burynai shiny seeker and Herbalist Hireling possible collectible loot.
  • Tales of the Kromzek pages 4-6 are no longer incorrectly marked as collectible.
  • Tales of Velketor’s Labyrinth Pages 5-6 have been removed from the Burynai shiny seeker and Herbalist Hireling possible collectible loot.
  • Tales of Velketor’s Labyrinth Pages 5-6 are no longer incorrectly marked as collectible.
  • Tales of the Tower Page 4 has been removed from the Burynai shiny seeker and Herbalist Hireling possible collectible loot.
  • Tales of the Tower Page 4 is no longer incorrectly marked as collectible.
  • Bandages of cartographer vuladis – The item is no longer labeled “No-Destroy”
  • Corrected a bug that allowed rare provisioner food and drink to grant double bonuses at some tiers.
  • Skullcap of Raging Storms has had a 3rd stat added.

TLE Server

  • Corrected a bug with several crit chance adornments that allowed them to grant too much crit chance.
  • Forearm rewards from the quest Into the Shadowed Grove have had their usable level reduced to 70.
  • Bloodreign Buckler is now Legendary. Its stats have been returned to within progression.
  • Echoes of Faydwer Heroic Set Gloves and assorted other armor pieces from these sets have been corrected to have the proper stats.


  • The Herbalist Hireling will now properly inform the player if he is unable to accept fertilizers due to differing qualities.


  • Advanced Provisioner Volume 100 is now available for purchase.
  • New rare provisioner harvests are available from Terrors of Thalumbra zones as ingredients for Advanced Provisioner Volume 100 recipes.


  • Testing the Meat – Feeding ruby emperor meat to an emerald weaver no longer triggers the player’s auto-attack, even if the player has “Forced Range/Spell” Auto Attack Mode selected.
  • The Heart of Fear – The idols within the Sanctum of Fear now direct the player to right-click the idol if they have any of the golem hearts within their inventory.
  • Honing the Lust of the Dragon’s Temper – The Enervated Dragon’s Temper can once again be used as the primary component for the “Honing the Dragon’s Temper” recipe.
  • Gate Uncalling – Gozzinak now recognizes when you have completed this quest.
  • The cove of Decay – Kraughl’s Request – It is much easier for players on mounts to trigger Chieftain Kraughl now.
  • Wrapping It All Up – bandages of cartographer vuladis will no longer drop for players that have started or completed this quest.
  • The Dream Scorcher – Placing Crowhood’s totems should be much easier, even if players are on mounts.
  • Cutting Your Teeth by Cutting Theirs – Quest targets now have quest icon.
  • Riliss Bound (and Gagged) – Froglok captives will no longer be killable by pets or mercenaries after having Grezrik’s sleeping elixir cast upon them.
  • Riliss Bound (and Gagged) – A sedated froglok is now removed from player’s inventory when quest is deleted.
  • Defending Harold Winemaster – The wine bottle at Behemoth Pond can be gathered, once again.
  • Saving Soles – Deleting quest now deletes Old Worn Left Boot and Old Worn Right Boot from your inventory.
  • Saving Soles – Spires can now only be disabled while on that specific step of the quest.
  • Saving Soles – Spires can now only be activated while on that specific step of the quest.
  • Collapse the Caverns – Triggering the “Explo Powder SGL” in the Kromise Caverns is much easier, even if the player is on a mount.


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  • Gelenor


    Feldon. Any chance that you know if the four new fabled zones are advanced solo and heroic like last fabled and where the zoneins will be this time?


  • Luminaire


    Do we know how much the Experience Vials cost?


  • Gninja


    The Fabled Cazic-Thule and Fabled Ruins of Varsoon are heroic zones. But, they are low difficulty heroics.


  • Kittaene


    Sounds Awesome! Hope servers are back up quickly 🙂


  • Malade


    Do we still get free packs on the first?

    How much do the vials cost?


  • Tom


    No Fabled heroic instances? Pity.


  • Moose



    Could they be used for leveling as well or too difficult for that?

    I’d rather group and level then molo grind in sky shrine


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