Update Notes: Tuesday, August 25, 2015

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US Servers: 7:00~8:00am PDT | 10:00~11:00am EDT | 15:00~16:00 BST | 16:00~17:00 CET
EU Servers: 9:00~10:00pm PDT | 12:00~1:00am EDT | 05:00~06:00 BST | 06:00~07:00 CET

From the EQ2 Forums:


  • (Full Install only) For those having trouble validating an existing assetslib.vpl file on startup, you can now add ‘cl_force_paklib_create 1’ to your eq2.ini file to force re-creation of this file.

PvP General

  • Fixed a bug where some guards would get confused when pets start attacking Exiles.

Precipice of Power [Raid]

  • Heart Stutter should no longer hit players outside the raid engaged with Cazic-Thule.


  • Fixed a crash issue related to Charm abilities [on Deathtoll PvP TLE server]
  • Focus Aim should no longer spam requires time locked server.


  • Chakram of Souls will now work correctly with thrown item abilities such as Mantis Star.


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Comments (2)

  • madrat


    Like I called it we get TLE servers and almost all the updates we get now are for TLE servers. Makes me wonder about the state of the game for the rest of us on normal servers.


  • GriffonLady


    The TLE server fixes fix bugs in old content for the whole game, don’t they? So there’s hope for people who like to enjoy the whole game (not just fixing all the things for people who race to max level and do the same top tier stuff over and over)? Like, will there be hope now for the bunch of us who’ve been waiting for the pet arena merchant to be able to sell us his wares?

    Fix a few things for the majority of the population and the former majority loses it’s damn mind. XD Good thing I’m used to being a minority. XD


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