Update Notes: Thursday, August 28, 2014

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From the EQ2 Forums:


  • [eq2u]Cozen Ethereal Hood[/eq2u] and [eq2u]Cozen Ethereal Shroud[/eq2u] are now lore.
  • Corrected an issue that was preventing some players from consuming their [eq2u]Cozen Hood[/eq2u] patterns.
  • Subversive Acts will now persist through death.
  • Weapons obtained within The Fabled Deathtoll henceforth will be more amazing than weapons obtained previously within The Fabled Deathtoll.

and an important update about the Cozen hoods from Gninja:

This effect is intended to not stack with the steward’s cloak. It is a replacement for the cloak so you do not have to equip it any longer. We have no plans to make them stack.

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Comments (4)

  • Kareeon


    Any idea whats up with the petition system, it seems to be broken. I just recently /bugged a quest (Noxiousity, diety quest) cuz broken and tried to petition it. Petition seems broken also (or extremely slow to load) – the page comes up but when I pick the category of “in game issue” and I’m guessing there should be another drop down box but none showed up after a min or so waiting. Side note: I checked the official forum it seems this quest has only been broken since 2007 :O

    …..and Hi LOL


  • Omence


    My guess is it has to do with the NBE errors that are plaguing EQ2 players this morning. It has been an ongoing and unresolved issue and can affect the game in various ways.


  • Kareeon


    Well I think it may be a bit more than that but who knows..

    The drop down box appears for about 1/2 sec after picking the first one (in game issue) then the box changes itself from “pick category” which is what it should stay til I click the box.. but keeps going back to the first 4 options over and over before I can click it — side note there is a banner that pops up (advertising from SOE) that happens the same time the box goes back to first 4 options.


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