Update Notes: Tuesday, June 10, 2014

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From Bunji on the Official Forums:


The New Tunaria Warzone is now available on the Battlegrounds Server via a portal in Champion’s Respite.


  • The Loyalty Merchant and Loyalty Marketplace will now correctly sell adornments that are below maximum level.
  • A small bag of platinum coins will now sell for the correct amount of platinum if purchased off of the loyalty section of the marketplace.

Level up, Gear up…discord style!

  • For the duration of the “Gear Up! Level Up!” promotion, Havoc Marks and Marks of Devastation will be awarded at twice the rate.

Temple of Veeshan: Dreadscale’s Maw

  • Corrected an issue that would potentially cause certain pet classes to get instantly killed upon getting resurrected if they were not protected by Dragonsbane.


  • Miragul’s Dark Heart will no longer overwrite more powerful Hearts that are already in your inventory.


  • Great Waters now correctly states that it does not stack with itself.
  • Shared Dragonsbane now applies to group members within 999 meters from the wearer and persists through death.
  • Arced Conductivity should now always apply the potency increase.

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  • Vapur


    Oh, that Dark Heart update is AWESOME! Now it reports in Guild as an Event, so our Guild Event tab has all kinds of spam in it now! And the chat spam during raid, too; it’s amazing. <3


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