Update Notes: Tuesday, September 17, 2013

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From the EQ2 Forums:


  • When examining a pre-adorned item, the classes that can equip the item should properly display.

Gears of Klakanon

  • The damage received from holding the relic has been reduced.
  • The relic now gives a toughness debuff that increases in effectiveness over time.
  • The relic now gives a lethality buff that degenerates over time, eventually becoming negative.
  • The amount of points required to win has been reduced to 650.

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Comments (2)

  • Catharz


    Not surprised Battlegrounds is getting patched. It’s the only thing on Unrest getting any action.

    Almost zero groups, and most of our raids aren’t going ahead (due to lack of numbers). The fact that this has been posted for 3 days and this is the first comment is also telling.

    We need some server merges.


    • Vortix


      Right now, if you want the best for what you can adventure for (without raiding or getting stomped in Challenge Duo) then you need to do Battlegrounds. The jewelry sets, and even some of the armor, is almost worth doing several matches to get. (1875 tokens per item, which is over 37 matches). What we need is cross-server Dungeon Finder with end-game dungeons and raids included when released.

      The only reason we need separate servers anyway is due to the way they implemented global chat channels. They’ve already solved the problem with too many people in one zone so that it spawns copies. I wouldn’t be against the idea of a monolithic server, save for Auction crowding.

      If you’re having a problem with low numbers, that’s either due to the low influx of new players or your recruiting rate is not keeping up with attrition. Some people go play new games, get bored or frustrated, leave for a more elite guild, or have reached pimp status and only log in for raid. If you want grouping, it’s going to take effort to find people who still want or need to do that.


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