Coders Panel #2 and Getting Ready for Banquet

Written by Feldon on . Posted in Daybreak Live (SOE Live/Fan Faire)

The second Coder’s Panel was like last year’s Geek panel. We got to ask tech questions of SOE devs of all games. It’s not for everyone but its one of my favorite panels. I love behind the scenes stuff.

Getting ready for the Banquet, Costume Contest, and any surprises they throw at us. We’ll also see the premiere of Dethdlr’s winning SOEmote video!

If you have been reading some of the panel notes going “Wha?” I’ll be going through tomorrow am before my flight adding in some more meaning and formatting as well as a few more panel photos. They’ll be worth a second read.

Later this week you’ll see the 55GB (11 hrs) of video get posted on our YouTube channel.

I have some impressions about SOE Live and the direction of the EQ2 team and the upcoming expansion. It’s mostly good. 🙂

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Comments (3)

  • Feldon


    Ok so those Morning edits didn’t happen. Best laid plans and all that.

    EQ2U panel slides and video tomorrow I hope.


  • Gourdon


    I was not aware that you had a YouTube channel. Is there a reason you don’t have a link on the left menu?


  • Feldon


    So far, I’ve only ever posted Fan Faire videos to Youtube, so it really only comes up once a year. I guess I could link to my Youtube channel and my Twitter account (which I still use very sparingly as I rarely can express myself in 140 characters).


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