Update Notes: Tuesday, August 14, 2012

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From the EQ2 Forums:


  • An Auto Attack timing window has been implemented into the default UI.  You can enable / disable this feature under User Interface – Game Windows – Show The Autoattack Timing Bar.
  • Fixed an issue with the age slider for male / female humans.
  • Fixed some customization issues with Darkelves.
  • Fixed an issue with skirts on humans and elves.



  • Ninnie Tarbelly in Neriak now properly sells food to evil characters.

Plane of War x4 Raid

  • Hailing Teku’s adds will no longer stop them from running towards the Rallos fight.


  • Many Skyshrine, Drunder and Plane of War Brawler weapons have been adjusted to have matching delays.
  • Stalwart Mask of Glowing Bloodmetal again has one red adornment slot and one white adornment slot.
  • Forceful Planar Ettin Toe again has one red adornment slot and one white adornment slot.
  • The Brutalizer’s Immortal Sceptre can now be purchased in Champion’s Respite.
  • “The Collected Tales of the Ethernauts” once again directs players to the correct web pages to read the stories.



  • While in Recklessness, you will not be able to block any attacks unless you have a “will block all attacks” buff active.



  • Priest heals will now properly inherit PVP crit chance when in PVP combat.
  • The base amount of priest heals in PVP combat has been increased.


  • Cease – duration has been lowered in PVP combat.
  • Magmatic Incapacitation – Now increases Magma Chambers duration by a percentage rather than a flat amount.


  • Eternal Damnation now hits a maximum of 2 targets in PVP combat.


  • Silent Palm – duration has been lowered in PVP combat.


  • Singing Shot – duration has been lowered in PVP combat.


  • Players are now unable to be affected by movement speed buffs while carrying the flag in Battlefield of Ganak.
  • The outer towers in Smuggler’s Den are now more valuable.


  • Quest Bauble buttons will no longer show on every mob in the zone for certain baubles.

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Comments (7)

  • McVet81


    Amazing it took them damn near eight years to add the auto attack timing bar to the default UI….that being said I might actually consider running hte default UI now because of it lol


  • bhagpuss


    There’s an age slider?


  • Loch


    There’s an age slider for the original models, yes.


  • Murfalad


    A very nice set of updates.

    Going to enjoy all of them from not watching the Benny Hill session with the flag in Ganak anymore, to seeing tanks be squishy with no block in recklessness to the much needed autoattack bar.


  • Anaogi


    @Bhagpuss Some folks actively prefer original to SOGA for that very reason. (Full disclosure, I’ve been migrating back to original from SOGA myself of late.)


  • Anaogi


    Oh great. Now I’m going to have to ‘replace’ music files and run Ganak just to PVP to the tune of ‘Yakity Sax’…


  • Vester-guk


    ” While in Recklessness, you will not be able to block any attacks unless you have a “will block all attacks” buff active.”

    Crusaders … duel wield in reckless then please … yea yea I know make a zerker or guard bla was having so much fun with it 🙂 /duck


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