Update Notes: Thursday, August 9, 2012

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Here are your Update Notes for Thursday, August 9th, 2012 from the EQ2 Forums:


  • The click to cure section of the group UI should display information more accurately.


  • Fix for issue where the SOEmote/Voice Bar window would display even after being toggled off with alt+v. SOEmote/Voice Bar window should now retain the toggled state. Added checkbox to show/hide the SOEmote/Voice Bar to the options SOEmote tab under both the SOEmote and the Voice Chat titles.
  • Darkelf female mouth should close completely now.
  • Human female skin tint should be correct once again.


  • AoE attacks have been limited to 5 targets per attack.



  • Passive regenerating ward effects now start their protection at 0 when cast.


Plane of War x4 Raid

  • General Teku final fight – Timing has been extended on events that occur during the fight.

Skyshrine: The City of Dracur

  • Kildrukaun the Ancient encounter has been made less complicated.


  • Removed duplicate stats from several PvP shields.
  • Reduced the DPS and Attack Speed on Boiled Red Dragon Scale Tunic to be more in line with similar breastplates.
  • Increased DPS and Attack Speed on Kildrukaun’s Boiled Leather Tunic, and removed duplicate stats.
  • Race change potions are now heirloom.


  • You will now get discovery credit for items that you discover on the battleground server. This will be given to you when you return to your home server.

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Comments (11)

  • Robert


    Seriously? I mean, come on….soe wastes time working on ridiculous crap such as this emote thing—how many man hours, planning, designing, went into this that could of went into something that WE ALL actually want such as more/new content, more adventure, instance designs (new), a better way to acquire gear, make gear more accessible, fixing lag issues and various other issues to many to mention here—rather than make this laggy,stupid emote thing? geezz… and yet i still pay for this crap


  • Aragost


    They also fixed the HM Drunder armor


  • Charn


    They only fixed Dark Elf Female mouth’s and Human Female skin? Some of the races look RIDICULOUS using this feature (granted, I only tested these out with male characters, I didn’t even think it would be different for female characters, it just being a facial feature difference, and I don’t use SOGA models, so didn’t test them).

    Freeblood: Front of teeth stick through top and bottom lips when opening mouth wide or smiling. Bottom lip turns into a V-shape when smiling.

    Arasai/Fae: Eyes get too wide and “bug out” when turning your head from side to side. Same V-shape on bottom lip.

    Frogloks: look like muppets, mouth just opening and closing. Facial movements are barely noticeable.

    Sarnak: Again, muppets. Not much notice on facial features, mouths just open and close.

    ALL: Tracks eye movement which seems cool until you realize, unless your camera is right in the center of your monitor, blocking your view, your eyes will always be looking to the sides, up, or down instead of center.

    The WORST races:
    Iksar and Trolls: Both races, when you smile and especially open your mouth wide, the lips (both top and bottom) curl up WAY too high up into your face. It looks like the top and bottom lips are rolling up off their faces.

    Some races are okay, though. Ogres, Humans, Kerrans, Ratonga to name a few.

    And what’s disconcerting on many races, there’s no tongue in the mouth of the characters. Ratongas, for example, have a tongue and, though it doesn’t track, at least it’s there. Other races, like freeblood, have just an empty mouth. It looks like they had their tongues cut out and it’s just . . . creepy looking.

    Overall, though, it’s a neat little feature that, as Deathdlr explained in another post, may get some more people to try the game and once they do, they may stay. It will in no way help grouping, raiding, itemization, bugs, nor add new content or things to do. It’s just a feature to add immersion and, as was mentioned by a dev on the boards, guides and GMs can jump into characters or NPCs and track their own facial features to add to the “role play” of it all as they give you quests . . . and yes, some people still DO role play.


  • Ezheal


    SOEmote is a waste to me. I couldn’t less to see toon mouths moving during chat. Heck who has time to watch avatar mouth movements during fights.Window can’t be resized smaller that I can see. Limiting even more of a fight viewing area. Even if you have the pictures off the window size stays big.


  • Kaufman


    It is good for immersive cybering.


  • Anaogi


    @Kaufman That would explain how easy it is for the mouth to enter certain…positions.


  • Amybelle


    @ Charn: Guides aren’t allowed to use SOEmote, because of the voice chat involved. Reason being, a player could claim that a Guide said this or that, and there’s no written log of it to back up either side of a story. So, while it would be a cool thing, they can’t do it, as of right now. Policies may change, but that’s the word right now.


  • Ratzilla


    i like the SOEmote it is somewhat of a fun add to the game . but it causes a tiny bit of lag in Battlegrounds so i will not be useing it much on the game . until they can fine tune it to where group members faces size to fit the group window and it causes no added lag to the game i will have to pass on it . and i did find that the cam emote works best if you have a human like face on your toon .


  • Landiin


    I can’t see me ever using it and could care less but I know some of the player base like this type of thing. So to them that like this, hope you are having fun with it.


  • Charn



    It is completely possible to turn on the SOEmote face recognition and leave the voice chat off. They can still move their lips and face as they’re hitting the macros for the “quest” they have as well as look happy, sad, concerned, etc. when you bring back items they need.

    I’m not saying SOEmote is going to be a WELL used feature . . . but I bet it’s used a HELL of a lot more than Dungeon Finder . . .


  • Nikolei


    “AoE attacks have been limited to 5 targets per attack.”

    Well, it was fun killing stacks of 300 mobs for insane exp while it lasted. Back to a vastly overpopulated Sebilis for us SKs…


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