25% Off New and Renewed EQ2 Subscriptions

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From EverQuest2.com:

Starting Wednesday July 18, get 25% OFF when you buy a NEW or UPGRADED multi-month recurring membership!

Players who sign up for a new or upgraded multi-month recurring membership to any of the following games will receive 25% off the regular price:

EverQuest, EverQuest II, and DC Universe Online (PC only).

If you have an existing recurring membership, this offer is only valid for a new recurring membership with a longer term (e.g., upgrade from a 3-month recurring to a 6-month recurring) or for an upgrade from a single-game recurring membership to an All Access recurring membership. If you have an existing 12-month recurring membership, you may redeem this offer for a new 12-month recurring membership at the discounted price. Promotional pricing will begin on your next billing cycle and will continue until your recurring membership lapses or is canceled.

Offer is valid between July 18, 2012 at12:01AM PDT and July, 23 2012 at 11:59PM PDT.

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Comments (7)

  • Flatley


    I supposed that means the Europeans are f*cked over again? Or am I missing something?


  • Seffrid


    There is no stated restriction so far as European players are concerned.

    I suspect that this is either yet another oversight, and European players are indeed screwed over again, with a totally tactless timing over a widening of the gap between what Americans and Europeans will be paying for the game, or else it is as intended in which case it is PSS1 who are screwed over as they will be taking on players who have signed up to long-term discounted terms with SOE from which they will derive no benefit.

    Either way this smacks of another incompetent mess, presumably a desperate last-ditch attempt to claw as much revenue as possible out of the dying playerbase at EQ2 before the imminent transition date (and from the post-transition playerbase at DCUO which I imagine has taken a massive hit) as well as from EQ before an announcement about its inclusion in the PSS1 deal and which announcement (which surely no-one doubts is coming) will provoke another exodus of players.


  • milliebii


    @seffrid You have to remember as far as SOE is concerned Europe is another planet and Asia-Pacific is somewhere near Scotland.

    It is not that they are trying to screw anyone, they are just completely oblivious of the wider scope.

    Sort of like the way they treat changes to the game.


  • Pipsissiwa


    It also states that the offer continues until the membership lapses or IS CANCELLED. It doesn’t say who cancels, the player or SOE. SOE has said that Euro accounts will be effectively cancelled and recurring subs stopped at the time of transition and we set up a new sub with PSS1.

    So Euros may well get to enjoy this for just a few weeks before PSS1 prices kick in.

    SOE are oblivious of almost everything – they seem to function in their own tiny bubble that bears no resemblance to the real world. Sometimes it amazes me they function at all….


  • Trueflight


    Notice how it is to bring in new players and returning older ones, but yet again screws over the loyal customers that have had paid accounts for 7 years now?


  • Steve


    Why would they run a special to reward people that are already customers? They have your money and loyalty….why do they need to actually do anything to keep either of those? People who are loyal customers of SOE have proven time and time again they will continue to take it no matter how much SOE screws you over. You have proven they can do whatever they want and you will still fork over your money to them. Tell me again why they should feel the need to do anything to reward your behavior?


  • Mermut


    ACtually, it does say that if you’ve got a recurring 12 month sub, you can get the reduced price if you re-up during the promotion time.


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