On Test: PvP Test Event Tonight (July 13, 2012)

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Want to give the Game Update 64 Battlegrounds changes, including Level Agnostic Battlegrounds a test drive and give useful feedback to developers?

From EQ2 Community Manager Duxella on the EQ2 Forums:

Level Agnostic Battleground testing from 5-7 PST – bring a character below level 35 to the Level Agnostic buffer, set up your character and then get into a battleground! Buffers will be located on the docks in Kylong Plains, and at the Champion’s Respite zone-ins in Qeynos and Freeport.

Level 92 testing from 7-8 PST – visit a level 92 PVP buffer, set up your character and then get into a battleground!

Time Zone Conversions

Level 1-89 Battleground Testing

  • PDT: July 13 @ 5-7:00pm
  • EDT: July 13 @ 8-10:00pm
  • BST: July 14 @ 1:00~3:00
  • CET: July 14 @ 2:00~4:00

Level 92 Battleground Testing

  • PDT: July 13 @ 7-8:00pm
  • EDT: July 13 @ 10-11:00pm
  • BST: July 14 @ 3:00~4:00
  • CET: July 14 @ 4:00~5:00

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Comments (2)

  • Daalilama


    BG’s are not and never have been real PVP…SOE is continuing to foster that myth when their a complete joke….


  • Forgetful Fawn


    I don’t know the attraction to their broken idea of PvP anyhow. Sure I’ll try it out with the ‘new’ updates but this game started off and still is and always will be a PvE driven game. If PvP was something this fan base really demanded, they would be playing the competitions games.


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