Update Notes for June 13, 2012

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In today’s update for June 13, 2012, EQ2 finally ditches its ancient Mozilla web browser in favor of the Awesomium browser, powered by Webkit (Safari/Chrome). EVE Online recently adopted this browser. This should resolve numerous problems with viewing complex websites in the in-game browser.

Armor distribution in Skyshrine zones have been rebalanced to match group/raid distribution. Some Skyshrine group mobs will start dropping Primal Velium Shards, while Skyshrine raid encounters will hand out Pure Primal Velium Shards. And finally, today marks the introduction of Quest Target Icons. If you enable this setting, you will be able to see an icon over any enemy which will update quests in your journal if killed.

From the EQ2 Forums:


  • The in-game browser files have been updated. This may cause the browser not to function with some custom UIs until they are updated.
  • Note: Firewall software will need to allow the file awesomium_process.exe access to run for the browser to function properly.


Withered Lands

  • Named within withered lands should all respawn correctly now.

Challenge Mode Raid NPCs (x4 epic)

  • Challenge mode raid NPCs have had their max health reduced.


  • Heroic zone bosses (Boss #5) should now drop Primal Velium Shards. Raid mobs should now drop Pure Primal Velium Shards.
  • Armor tables have been adjusted to be more in line with class/raid distribution.

Skyshrine: Betrayal in the Underdepths

  • Dagarn’s Aquatic Legionnaire’s in challenge mode have had their max health reduced. Sevalor and Putretor have had their max health reduced.
  • You should no longer be able to pull Dagarn out of his chamber.
  • Dozekar should now drop his easymode raid trophy.
  • Dozekar’s normal mode mount drop is now a different appearance than the quest mount.

The Shadow Odyssey

  • All Shadow Odyssey shard chests in scaling zones should now drop Marks of Manaar for level 86 and above levels.


  • When specifying a “protect” target for your mercenary, the mercenary will start attacking anyone who attacks the protect target unless the mercenary is already in combat.
  • The assist target of a mercenary works properly now. The mercenary will attack anything the assist target attacks without having to be told to do so. The mercenary will automatically switch targets as the character he is assisting switches targets.
  • Kenny should now cure detrimentals.



  • Overgrowth should now function reliably.


  • Fixed the text on the “Ally of Othmir” achievement.


  • Rare GU63 recipe combines now reward the rare component back if the recipe is canceled instead of fuel.
  • Stumblers Wine now get’s produced in quantities of 20.


  • Renewing Bulwark II, III, and IV should now regenerate their wards.
  • Almsgiven Claws of Draconic Bloodshed are now usable by Beastlords.
  • Demolisher of the Colossal Constructor is now usable by Beastlords.
  • Protracted Wyvern Stingers of the Underdepths are now usable by Beastlords.
  • Almsgiven Claws of Draconic Bloodshed are now usable by Beastlords.
  • Clerical Cloak of Destruction now has an appearance.



  • Quest target icons will now show on attackable mob nameplates if they are a target that updates one of your tracked quests or if they have a chance to drop items needed for the quests in your tracker.
  • Note: These icons only show on your currently tracked quests. This feature can be enabled / disabled under Options > User Interface > Name and Chat Bubble > NPC Name Icons for Quest Targets.

Withered Lands

  • Kerr Wanderroot should not take as long to update the quest on the timed stage of the quest “Removing the Corruption”.
  • Multitudinous Extermination should now give a hint that the last step is within the caves under the insect area of Withered Lands.


  • Everhot ore in Kaladim can now be mined for the quest, ?The Liberation of Everhot Ore.? The minimum requirement for extracting this ore has also been removed.

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Comments (12)

  • miragian


    Finally the named are going to be fixed. Though what’s with the merc fix months after it should have been done?


  • melpheos


    When will they fix the unumbered bug in conjuror spell as well ?


  • Feldon


    when they gonna fix the ss hardmode stats

    The reward for Skyshrine HM mobs is the sense of accomplishment. 😉


  • just.a.noob


    i like it how they say should as they not sure if it will work


  • Dorothy


    Disappointed at the fury class fix while beastlord wards still do not crit.


  • Liftik


    Dagger of Dracurion Conquest is now Piercing WOOT!


  • Silzin


    they need to do a full itemization revamp to all group and raid SS gear. I like the new variety in gear for tanks, but come on the stats need to be relatively equivalent within the same tier of gear. Like the two following weapons drop from the UD X4 em mobs one right after then next.

    \aITEM -488694168 142197318:Drakota-Clawed Ravager\/a 171 main stat.
    \aITEM -1769654197 -482691991:Protracted Wyvern Stingers of the Underdepths\/a 149 main stat


  • Karsten


    @Dorothy: Tank wards do not crit (paladin, monk, SK…), why should beastlords? Sony did this intentionally to prevent non-healer classes from reaching heal values similar to priest classes, namely by removing our crit bonus from the equation. It sucks, I don’t agree with it, but it’s not isolated to you.


  • Dorothy



    Because all of their other heal spells crit. In addition, they are combat arts that trigger savage spirit (for +19 more savagery). So by using the other healing spells (instead of the wards) you gain roughly 2x the savagery, encounter wide AoE damage, and roughly the same base heal amount (less if using the burst heal, more if using the -% flat damage HoT) BEFORE THE CRIT. Keep in mind, that this is exposing the same weakness, so its a “choose one of three” rather than “spam all of them”. There is no reason to choose the ward.

    The other (5) BL heals crit perfectly (with the highest CB mod in the game to boot), and BLs cannot “heal on demand” to replace healers. Their heals are are in line with dirge’s (who also crit, and can rez as well!) so it is an oversight that the wards cannot crit.


  • Steelbelly


    Digging the quest target icons. Saves time in searching for your target.


  • badcat


    Anybody else having the game browswers crash the clien, also launchpad is broken I got to keep putting in my name/pw every time i log in now


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