Update Notes: Tuesday, May 15, 2012

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Here are your Update Notes for Tuesday, May 15, 2012 from the EQ2 Forums:


Skyshrine: The City of Dracur

  • Malicor Kehrn will no longer fight his partner in crime Nefari Kwol.


  • The Vale of Halfpint Delight door will now display the correct destination.


  • When Fall of the Phoenix or any other group feign death spell is used mercenaries will cancel their feign death effect when their owner cancels their feign death effect.
  • Mortal Embrace (Shadowknight) no longer works on mercenaries.


  • The class focus effects on Plane of War armor have been updated.
  • Fixed textures on the black marble house items.


  • Fixed an issue where “Untapped Potential” would not update correctly in certain situations.

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Comments (3)

  • Taka



    The class focus effects on Plane of War armor have been updated.

    Is it happening??!?? Holding breath…


  • Jazzalyn


    No Auto-attack type choice update yet? =( Sad.


  • Veteran81


    While “The class focus effects on Plane of War armor have been updated” is good to see. Its just so damn disappointing to see *Another* underwhelmingly weak update(s) like this.

    If you go to the official forums there’s a ton of righteous stuff that gets posted up there (seems likely on a daily basis) that could afford to be noticed and corrected. As of yesterday (talking) to guildies you still have peeps whose focus effects are still buggy (sometimes when they zone, sometimes when they log in, sometimes it works), you have disproportionate loot coming out of the new SS raid zones, and HM instance zones that when compared to legendary item counterparts make it look like trash and lastly you still have the overall quagmire that is still itemization.

    Seriously, like wtf? you have all week plus a weekend to unf*ck what essentially is simple sh*t. (no ones asking for whole way the game is played to be changed) Its just simple stuff (mostly gear from lvl 90 to 92, not anything less) that people report, besides the stall tactics of making certain raid mobs still unkillable (which I’m not going to bitch about because that’s done by soe by design) to in -ame petitions being ignored or the petition process itself so slow that it never goes through.

    But I suppose I’m asking for too much as a paying customer, sorry for my *unreasonable-ness* but please do keep enjoy taking my money SOE 🙂


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