Getting the Word Out About EQ2 and YouTube Videos

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From SmokeJumper on the EQ2X Forums:

We’re going multi-pronged on this.

1) We’re spending money again on ads. You should start seeing banner ads.

2) We’re doing a winback campaign to reactivate interest with old players after Dungeon Finder rolls out, and pushing even harder when Freeport and the Age of Discovery launch later this year.

3) We added the video recording feature so that word spreads organically as you post any videos you think are interesting.

There’s more than this planned, but these are a few of the things that should be most effective.

To record a YouTube video, the default key is Ctrl-PrintScrn. Some players have reported error messages which may get fixed in today’s Hotfix. Note that this is not intended to take the place of FRAPS or other screen recording software for more advanced users. It’s a feature allowing anyone to record and post a video of EQ2 online.

Rothgar has encouraged players to post their videos of EQ2 in this thread on the EQ2 Forums.


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