Adventure Class Reset for Tradeskillers?

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When one creates a character in EQ2, even for the sole purpose of tradeskilling, they must first select an Adventure class. There are a surprising number of characters out there which are max level Tradeskillers who have explored and completed every Tradeskill aspect EQ2 has to offer. Later on, they realize that they may have chosen their Adventure class hastily. These are not players who wish to respec their Adventure class and keep their AAs or quest discoveries (except Tradeskill-specific ones). Even though such a feature is intended for crafters, it would of course also be available to adventurers, but they must understand they would likely be reset to level 1 or 10, their completed and in-progress quests would be reset, and they would lose all AAs.

The request for Adventure Class Reset came up on the forums over a year ago, and the functionality actually briefly appeared on the Test server, with an NPC who could be hailed to instantly become an Inquisitor. This NPC was removed and since then, we haven’t heard much on the subject. Until today…

From Domino on the EQ2 Forums:

This hasn’t fallen off our radar, however we have a lot of big features for the upcoming expansion that do need to take priority. So as much as we’d like to, we can’t give you an exact date because this will depend on what other more urgent issues arise needing the attention of the team. We do still intend to make this happen, but it would be safest to say it won’t happen before the expansion. When we do have a better date estimate, we’ll make it known.

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  • Artimise Shadowhawk


    I still have not seen any further information on the ability to reset an Adventure Class. Is there any recent news on this? I know a number of other players, besides myself, that would love to be able to reset an Adventure class.


    • Feldon


      Every time this comes up on the forums, it turns into a knock-down-drag-out fight over what would be reset/lost as part of changing your adventure class while keeping tradeskill. Some want to keep all achivements, all completed quests, etc. Until they come up with a compromise that’s worth doing and which won’t turn the playerbase against them, I don’t see them doing it.


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