Password Change Issues, Research Assistants, EQ2X Compensation, and GU60 News

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Now that EQ2 has been resurrected, some players have had issues with the mandatory password resets. Others who have gotten into the game noticed issues with Research Assistants. Some EQ2X players at the Bronze and Silver levels feel there should be compensation. EQ2X players at Gold and Platinum already have a compensation package. Finally, players are curious about when Game Update 60 will hit, since we are just 3 days away from the original announced launch date, and there had only been a couple days of testing.

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As far as issues with the Required Password Reset before logging into any SOE services, the EQ2 forums, and of course the EQ2 game, there are several forum threads on the subject including this one. Recommended fixes include clearing your web browser cache, reloading the Password Reset Website, trying a different browser, etc. Some players have gotten an error message when changing their password, only to have the new password actually take effect. So if you got an error, try logging into with your new password — the changes might have stuck.

Research Assistants behaved oddly during the downtime according to several players. SmokeJumper investigated and posted this:

It does seem that time progressed rather…oddly…during the outage. (Darn chronoportals.)

We’re looking into it and we’ll find a way to get it straightened out. More soon.

and later:

If you log out and log back in now, the Research Assistant stuff should be fixed and you’ll get correct time elapsed over the outage.

EQ2X players at the Bronze and Silver levels have requested compensation for the downtime. SmokeJumper already spelled out the situation with Gold and Platinum:

Gold and Platinum subscribers got 45 days free play as part of the Welcome Back program.

That was granted because their membership fee is a monthly fee, and they were losing time that they had already paid for.

The same is true of why the EQII Live subscribers got their grant also.

But Silver and Bronze players are not paying a recurring subscription. In fact, for most of you, that’s why you’re here.

So there is no “time” compensation to be made in those cases, and that’s why there was no time granted. It would be meaningless.

Essentially, we didn’t grant anyone $15. We gave them $15 worth of game time…not cash. Since Silver and Bronze folks don’t pay for game time, their game time is already infinite. No need for more.

and later:

We’re talking it over. It’s 9:30pm on Saturday right now, so I don’t expect to get this resolved tonight. But we’re discussing it.

As for Game Update 60, not surprisingly it has been rescheduled. SmokeJumper again:

We did tons of work [during the outage]. We just couldn’t test with you all on the Test server.

The one secret ingredient we were missing, was you.


One of the negatives of this downtime was that we couldn’t get player feedback on Test. So we’ll be pushing the date for GU 60 out so that we can still get that feedback. It’ll probably be the end of the month. We’ll announce details soon.

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Comments (4)

  • Yonhui Seats


    I reset my new password and log in last night (may 14) with no problem but this morning ( 9:20 AM EST) I can’t log in with my new password. Is there down time for maint? Or something wroing with my game?


  • Midlander


    Thanks for the update. I finally got my password changed but now, whenever I attempt to log into the game, I just get the error “The operation timed out.” Oh, well.


  • Anaogi


    Getting that too. Are the servers down again?


  • Coopendor


    I am somewhat disappointed in the Loot Bonanza drops. Last night we decided that the KD contested zone would be the best to receive the higher drop rates. Well, we only seen 2 exquisite chests drop and niether of them had any gems. Both of them were just Master spells and even those did not match any of the group members.

    We were really hoping for 1 or 2 of the rarer gems to drop and maybe some gear upgrades for group members. Going to keep my fingers crossed and hope the drops get better.

    I am very happy with the XP boost. My alt Berserker is nearly maxed AA. Just doing the Velious Daily quests (along with a small 25% AA potion), I gained 3 AA’s. 🙂


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