Fan Faire Registration Goes Up to $129 on May 6th

Written by Feldon on . Posted in Daybreak Live (SOE Live/Fan Faire)


Time is running out to register for Fan Faire 2011 at the early bird price of $119.00 US!

All-Access passes to the expanded SOE Fan Faire are now available for purchase at the early bird price of $119.00 USD which includes access developer forums, panels and roundtables along with goody-bags and giveaways.

But that’s not all! The Fan Faire All-Access pass also includes:

* Fan Faire T-shirt and premium Fan Faire Gift Bag
* Access to forums and live events throughout the day
* Access to exhibitor showroom
* One (1) complimentary digital copy of the 18th EverQuest expansion pack*
* One (1) complimentary digital copy of the 8th EverQuest II expansion pack*
* Special Fan Faire in-game items (to be announced)
* Access to all evening events (must be 21 or older for certain events)**
* Complimentary green screen photo

Attendees who register after May 6, 2011 can purchase an All-Access pass for $129.00 USD.

Can’t make it for the whole weekend? Buy a Day Pass for only $39.00 USD! You’ll still get a chance to participate in the daytime activities, such as forums, roundtables, live quests, tournaments and more.

Registration is now live at

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Comments (3)

  • Charn


    I see they kept the “Platinum Pass” price while doing away with the Platinum Pass benefits . . . now everyone pays the new, higher price. Huh . . . I guess there really IS a marketing department at Sony . . .


  • Feldon


    Yeah last year they had really cut everything to the bone. I dread how stripped down the event will be this year.


  • Dameana


    It will be dramatically stripped down because people haven’t been able to register for it and probably will have lost interest in everquest after the problems. I am going to buy another game tonight (no, not WOW, lol) and I may never come back.


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