Hotfix Notes for December 7, 2010

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Today’s hotfix adds house items (furniture) to a merchant in Hua Mein, moves Research Assistants into the UI, fixes an exploit in StationCash Item Gifting, and offers additional tweaks to PvP and PvP Warfields. After the jump, your Hotfix Notes for December 7, 2010.


  • The Stonebrunt Highlands: The Quel’ule event mobs should no longer slowly migrate up into the sky.
  • Hua Mein merchant Nin Yung in the Stonebrunt Highlands has discovered some house items he had hitherto misplaced. He is now offering them for sale to his allies.  Not to be outdone, Merchant Radi in the Sundered Frontier is also offering a new statue for sale to tradeskill allies.


  • The Research window has been moved in to the Knowledge window.
  • Journeyman through Master spell tiers can be researched.
  • You are no longer required to speak with a Research Assistant to start/change/claim research.



  • Devouring Mist should no longer show up as an incurable noxious effect on the caster.


  • Short term buffs like the stonewill proc will now apply the PvE version on PvP servers if the caster is not in PvP combat. NOTE: If the caster does any PvP hostile action he will be flagged as in PvP combat and all procs will be the PvP versions.


  • The Antonica Warfield will no longer grant the flag to level 40 players.
  • The Warfield Inner guards now have their intended hit point values.


  • Trial accounts can no longer send gifts from the Marketplace.

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