Ranged AE Autoattack & Flurry, Bow Changes

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We’ve been hearing about some ranger love for about 3 expansions now, but at Fan Faire, we heard the first concrete info. Xelgad has elaborated on just what we can expect in an update falling between GU57 and GU58 (hopefully 4-6 weeks from now:

Greetings, Mighty Forces!

AE Auto-Attack and Flurry are indeed on the way for bows. We’re also removing the 20% damage penalty for bows, and we’re increasing the damage rating on all 81-90 bows (along with throwing weapons) by about 10%. The intent is to allow you guys to get full benefit from buffs and gear, not to make the class entirely focused on Auto-Attack.

You know how you get more auto-attack damage from your melee weapons in many cases than from your bow? These changes should fix that, unless your melee weapons are simply of much higher quality than your bow. At most, your auto-attack may jump from ~20% of your parse up to ~30% on raids, but I’d be surprised if many people end up with it higher than that.

Thanks for all of your feedback.

You can join the discussion on this issue in the thread What’s this all about? (bow changes) on the EQ2 Forums.

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  • Twisted_Mentat


    What i’m looking forward to is seeing the jousting assassins collective “WTF” after realising just how much dps their bow is now doing (15%? class-flurry).
    Or should i say the rangers shock at said assassins parsing even more. :/

    Looking forward to seeing how the ae works on the ranged attacks (and if the bow of the underfoot will proc per target hit :)).
    If it’s 180 degrees like the mele, then thats one hell of a dps boost (even with mele-reach you don’t always hit 4 targets). Already started ordering arrows from guildies in preperation for when this hits.
    I recon its finally time to bank the DeathToll “Membranous Spine Sheath” ammo creator, permenantly! (Saved me a fortune, not one throwing weapon to replace my TSO satchel outside of underfoot and the x4 labs drop is trash compared to the LotDQ bow)


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