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If you checked out our Fan Faire Banquet & Costume Contest, you’ll know that “Billy” was the popular winner, by far. “Billy” (played by Marlee of Mistmoore) has posted a comment to the EQ2Wire with more info:

Billy won a a $200 gift card and $10 in Station cash. It was the wickedest fun I have had in a long time and I hope I provided good entertainment. I was proud to represent my guild (Company of Wolves), server (Mistmoore), and raid alliance (Fortune Hunters of Mistmoore). And the coolest thing? I could scratch myself in public and get away with it!

and some further comments by Victor Hugo from the EQ2 Forums:

The Billy costume was Marlee from Mistmoore server. The costume was real burlap and the hair was handwoven, braided, and individually stiffened and placed. It required a basket and seperate pillow because of the weight. It took 5 solid days nonstop to make it. Underneath the costume was a frozen gel camelback, a chest fan and iced gel packs in a fanny pack around the waist. The feet were 24 inch diameter circles and very hard to maneuver. The stuffing was pillow stuffing and most importantly – flotation beads! There was enough beads in there, Billy would never have sunk at the pool party. And I’m sure he would have been thrown in had that been known. Should have had panda teach the panda dance to Billy.

That being said, the caliber of the costumes this year was phenominal.  True works of art.

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  • Jonaroth


    Amazing outfit, definitely my fav


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