Thursday, June 10, 2010 Hotfix Notes

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Here are your hotfix notes for Thursday, 10 June 2010:


  • Repeatable quests in the Feerrott can now be turned in to the Defender of Growth.
  • While a druid ring is being constructed, a small shrub will appear in its center. Clicking it will show how much progress has been made towards activating the ring.
  • Quest journals and dialogs for the “Motes of Growth” and “Chosen Foes” have been edited to be more clear and consistent.


  • Deleting a repeatable quest from your quest journal that you have already completed one or more times will now properly remove it from the active quest window as well.


  • Adornments should now work correctly on lower level tradeskilled cloaks, and on orbs (tradeskilled or otherwise).
  • The 7-piece bonus from the summoner Fiery Destruction set now properly applies to the wearer’s pet.
  • The self contained cloud can now be turned into a house item and vice versa.


  • The standard bearer should now have the correct description.


  • Players that see Henry Overwater, the Qeynos Representative, and Everian Mossway, the Kelethin Representative, in Paineel, should now also see Lady Vienna Sanditerra, the New Halas Representative.


  • Grin of the Trickster now requires the caster to have someone else targeted and properly applies the increased avoidance.


  • Chaos Flag is now a beneficial buff and lasts for 1 hour.
  • The call to arms for Warfields now correctly states the zone it is in.    
  • All eligible players will be rewarded equally for participation in the Warfields.
  • A few changes to Most Wanted Posters have been made to remove the focus on the Warfield’s reward and back to PvP fights.


  • Discord’s Prescient and Enduring Disks can be exchanged for tokens through the Priest of Discord for a limited time.


  • Discord’s Prescient Disk now grants increased power and toughness instead of in combat speed.
  • Discord’s Enduring Disk now grants increased health and toughness instead of in combat speed. 
  • Discord’s Prescient and Enduring Disks are now available through the Battleground vendors.


  • Most Wanted Posters now have 20 Charges.
  • The reuse timer for the Most Wanted Posters is now 5 Minutes.
  • You may still obtain a new writ while in combat.


  • Loot of the inappropriate level has been removed from the drop tables for the Kragback Champion and The Master Miner named encounters.


  • Good aligned players who auto-mentor should now be able to receive all of the level 10-70 New Halas city writs.
  • Cordt Metalpatcher, the mender at White Lodge, is now available to everyone, despite their citizenship.
  • Agrim MacTosh, the new broker at White Lodge, is available to everyone, despite their citizenship.
  • Helfreck Lundgren, the new Housing Goods merchant at Erollis Dock, is available to everyone, despite their citizenship.


  • Fixed a crash issue related to using projectiles during the Frozen Corrival encounter.
  • Some tweaks have been done to the Frozen Corrival encounter to hopefully prevent players from crashing when he splits into adds.
  • The Frozen Corrival should no longer have a chance of leaving his chest floating in midair after being defeated.
  • Kastus and Odaufe should once again combine at 10%. Some tweaks have also been made to keep the encounter for excessively shuffling hate around between random players.
  • Ice Maidens within the zone should no longer show as broken encounters.
  • All trash encounters in the zone have had their health slightly decreased.
  • Coin has been added as a reward to some more difficult named encounters within the Keep.
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