March 2nd 2010 Hotfix & EQ2Wire On the Road

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Battlegrounds Issues

Battlegrounds were taken offline last night due to zoning problems they seemed to be causing on other servers. I want to reiterate that in thousands of Battlegrounds transactions, only a handful of players experienced corruption of their characters, and those are being resolved quickly by Customer Service. Battlegrounds should be brought back online today with Rothgar and other devs closely watching their performance.

EQ2Wire On the Road

EQ2Wire will be on the road today and tomorrow so updates may be a bit slower than usual.

Here are your March 2, 2010 Hotfix notes (after the jump)


Lavapoint is now a little more agile.

Battle Prowess should now properly apply its potency to all Combat Arts.


The pre-game timers have been increased by 30s to give teams and players more time to buff and be ready for the carnage!


The fabled, enervated and mythical epic weapons are now No Transmute.

Cloak of Unrest and Cloak of Justice will now accept compatible white slot adornments.

“Leatherfoot Tales: The Houndslayer” parts 1 – 3 and “Leatherfoot Tales: The Last of the Teir’Dal” parts 1 – 3 can now be bought from the city sages in Freeport and Qeynos for those that completed the corresponding quests of the same names.


Tinkered environmental shields are now also useable by scouts.

It is now possible to harvest in the area of the Sundered Frontier known as Kejaan’s Rill; however, be cautious, as not all the inhabitants of that area are pleased by this change.


Tenebrous Tangle – “In the Name of Marr” stage1, part2 has 3 randomly chosen branches.  Each of these branches had to be adjusted due to the removal of placeholder NPCs.

Tenebrous Tangle – If you already have any of Archaeologian Tydis’s quests he will no longer continue to offer them to you.

Tenebrous Tangle – The number Draconic Bones that can be found for the quest “Expedition for Draconic Bones” has been increased.

Barren Sky – The “suspicious dirt” piles on Cloudmist Isle respawn faster now for those on the quest “A Misty Missing Key”.

Bonemire – Players that find the second dig site for the quest “Quick Retrieval” will now get credit for their work.

Bonemire – The quest “Fetid Harvest” now only requires you to harvest 10 Fetidthorn Spores, instead of 16.

Butcherblock Mountains – The journal entry for the quest “Silent Beckon” now accurately reflects Talvrae T’Zyth’s new location.

Butcherblock Mountains – Trozusk Ripscar now grants adventurers the “Horn of Challenge” when they accept his quest “A New Challenger.”

Players on the quest “Building Fawn’s Garden” have a higher chance of finding a “pinch of diatomaceous sand” on the sand covered crabs in Antonica, no matter what level they are.


Anguis, the level 22 named drake, has had its tier lowered to Heroic.


The staff of calling should now operate properly during the Toxxulia fight.


Players who have defeated Iilsaad’s Barrier can now respawn on the 4th floor, near Maalus.


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