Game Update 54, Frostfell, City Festivals

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It’s going to be a busy week for Norrathians.

Will of a Tyrant
(Game Update 54)
Weduesday, December 9


  • Freeport has been rocked by the sudden destruction of Dethknell Citadel.  What was once an ever-present reminder of The Overlord’s power and will floating above the city has collapsed, and the tenuous peace held within the city by the watchful and ruthless Overlord has been obliterated. Something has obviously befallen Lucan D’Lere, the Overlord of Freeport! Start your investigation into these mysterious events in West Freeport by speaking with Sir Tallen Yevix.
  • The destruction and chaos in Freeport has not gone unnoticed by the Qeynosians, but they, too, have encountered some clandestine acts committed against their leaders, the royal house of Bayle.  Help Qeynos recover some stolen texts relating to the history of Enoxus and the Bayle bloodline by speaking with Royal Librarian Brinn in Qeynos Harbor.


  • A great deal of effort was put forth in this update to fix as many old, annoying bugs as possible.  Players will notice many existing issues once thought perhaps forgotten are now fixed. All told, nearly 800 bugfixes are in found within GU54, which should help provide a much more polished and streamlined gameplay experience for existing content. As a result, players will notice the patch note section below is significantly longer than in updates past.

Complete Update Notes at EQ2Players

Additional GU54 Unofficial Notes:

  • The Spires event comes to a close with GU54. The quest givers will be removed from Norrath, with only the Merchants remaining. Only those servers that successfully completed all 9 spires will see those Ulteran spire assistant Titles on the merchant (for 50 tokens).
  • Rangers will have to wait until a later hotfix for that “set-it-and-forget-it” Autoattack setting of Default, Melee, Ranged, or Auto.
  • It’s worth reading over the complete list of bugfixes as there are fixes far and wide, including fixing Silverwing in Veeshan’s Peak, and tweaks in nearly every zone.


Thursday, December 10, 2009 ~ January 7, 2010

If you want to avoid missing any part of Frostfell, check out these writeups:


In other news, the Highland Stalker — the Sentinel’s Fate Collector’s Edition mount — will get a speed boost over the previous announcement. Out-of-the-box it will have a runspeed of 65%.

Looking Ahead

On December 20th, we’ll see the return of the monthly Moonlight Enchantments event which takes places in the forests of Norrath. These zones will have several new house item rewards including tiles with the textures of water, clouds, sand, etc.

Also around the first of January, we can expect the new City Festivals to start up. Every month, there will be a city festival just outside the gates of one city for the first week of that month. These offer many house item and other rewards.

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Comments (4)

  • Yerkich


    The bit about the 9 spires being completed for people to be able to get titles for 50 tokens is a bunch of BS. There is only so much we could do solo, Butcherblock as a server just didn’t give much care about that event. Those who did work on them should be able to get the title reward.


  • Haun


    Quote: Rangers will have to wait until a later hotfix for that “set-it-and-forget-it” Autoattack setting of Default, Melee, Ranged, or Auto.

    It made the patch notes:Ranged auto attack will not stop when using a melee combat art and vice versa.


  • Feldon


    Yerkich, There was no reward after 90%, and the spires that needed to be built first, and then another 100% to attune them, there was just no reason to run them. People had hundreds of tokens and already bought everything they wanted to. My suggestion of increasing the completion rate by 300-400% fell on deaf ears.

    Haun, It’s in the patch notes, but the feature got pulled out. This is straight from Rothgar btw. We’re stuck with those clumsy macros for a little while longer.


  • Joe


    “Ulteran spire assistant Titles on the merchant (for 50 tokens).”

    I have never been mad about anything EQ2 did before but that is the dumbest idea I have ever read for EQ2. If this is normal for title, then I will not be bothering again.

    Guess I missed the fine print when doing the quests but I didn’t see anything that said to save 50 tokens per character for a title. Sure didn’t notice it on the spire merchant. I don’t have the time to do the quests enough to save up 50 tokens for each toon that participated.

    So for me, outside of some house items this is an EPIC FAILURE of a live event.


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