Void Shard Chests

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Aside from the 3 new TSO dungeons located in the Void (including Obelisk of Ahkzul), the other 17 TSO dungeons located around Norrath each contain a “bonus” void shard quest. Find the key and loot it, and your party each get void shards. Until a bug is fixed, the group leader must temporarily switch looting to “Lotto” before everyone clicks on the chest.

Each of these chests has a key hidden somewhere in the zone. Some are harder to find than others, and fastidious EQ2 players have been documenting and reporting the locations of these “key” mobs and some of the chest locations as well. Sometimes, the holder of the key is obvious because they are 1-2 levels lower than the rest of the mobs. Sometimes, the chest itself gives clues with its name.

Here’s our first, incomplete, Void Shard Chest and Key list:

  • Najena’s Hollow (Key) – At the bottom of the lava spiral ramp (4 levels down) is a goblin in the Lava Pools hiding behind a ramp.
  • Najena’s Hollow (Chest) – Halfway down the lava spiral ramp. You have to kill a fire golem to get to it.
  • Najena’s: Deep Forge (Key) – “a Spurned alumnus”
  • Miragul’s Scion of Ice (Key) – Kill “a frozen thought”. A white ^^^ mob in the upstairs “open” area.
  • Miragul’s Scion of Ice (Chest) – In the room to the right of the frozen thought with one of the 4 elemental orbs and the bed with the robe on it.
  • Befallen: Cavern of the Afflicted (Key) – “a thieving jester”, hidden in the corner of the room with the 2nd maledictive terror.
  • Befallen: Halls of the Forsaken (Key) – a drunkard
  • Necrotic Asylum (Key) – a tiny glob of goo (?)
  • Necrotic Asylum (Chest) – near Wilhelm Horrorbile.
  • Mistmyr Manor (Key) – Click a book in the Library, it spawns “a possessed tome”.
  • The Anathema (Key) – On the left side of the outdoor area where the Amalgym spawns, look for “a wandering experiment”.
  • Miragul’s: The Crucible (Key) – In the right side room with polar bears, look up for “a hidden tome”.
  • Evernight Abbey (Key) – Near Marcus Thex and one of the vampire lords look for “an enraged libant weard”.

Thanks to Detor and others in this thread:

P.S. I will be back after Thanksgiving to post more EQ2 info as I get it. I’m hoping that more locations will be discovered and the bugs with the void shard quests will be resolved by then!

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