Advanced Void Shard Armor — Grab a Book!

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Regular Void Shard armor can be CRAFTED. Advanced Void Shard armor MUST be CRAFTED. Recipe Books drop in Tradeskill Group Dungeons.

According to information posted by Xalmat and Whilhelmina on the EQ2 Beta forum, Void Shard armor is now craftable. The Regular Void Shard armor can be created by your friendly neighborhood level 70+ crafter IF they have the recipe book from the appropriate Tradeskill Group Instances (there are 3 of these being added in TSO).

If you have a crafter make your Regular Void Shard Armor, you are getting a 1 shard discount on hand/feet/legshead slot items, and a 2 shard discount on chest/shoulder. There are a total of 4 books for regular and advanced armor, jewelry, shields, charms, etc. and other void shard items. You can save your customers 1-2 shards per item by crafting them.

Most importantly, if you want the Advanced Void Shard Armor, it appears that you must locate an level 70+ tradeskiller to make these items for you. You must also relinquish your Regular Void Shard Armor piece (and an appropriate number of void shards) to get your Advanced Void Shard Armor piece.

It should be noted that developers have said it is very easy to add void shard items, and we already know of one item — Void Shard Bears. Developers have suggested that we may see some low Fabled items on the merchants. The purpose of Advanced Void Shard Armor is to equip people for instances and get into T1 and T2 raiding.

Thanks to Xalmat and Whilhelmina for posting this information!


Originally posted by Xalmat:

Artisan (level 70+, class doesn’t matter) buys recipes, or otherwise acquires them.

You either craft (Commission) or purchase the regular armor (Void Shards are fuel)

Crafter then commissions the advanced armor (regular armor + void shards are mandatory, and yes they must be commissioned)

Originally posted by Whilhelmina:

There are currently 4 books that may drop in tradeskill group instances that are like that (with prices) :

– Book 1 : 14 shards for hands/feet, 17 shards for legs/head, 20 shards for  chest/shoulders (merchant price is 15/18/22)
– book 2 : 4 shards for each (5 on merchant)
– book 3 : 18 shards each (20 on merchant – symbols/charms/weapons are missing from the book still)
– book 4 : 1 armor piece from book1/merchant + 30 shards for hands/feet, 34 legs/head, 42 chest/shoulders

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