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DC universe looks awesome. Much less dogmatic mmo gameplay than coh. Just plain fun. Assist batman superman wonder woman flash or the joker and other baddies. All art by Jim Lee.

FreeRealms for younger less serious players. Has enough of the Sims and Second Life but Very good graphics. Completely free with premium content and microtransactions to buy certain stuff. Solves a lot of deterrents to playing that existing games have:

Don’t pick character class at char creation.
Create character on flash website while game downloads.
Tons of minigames. Racing, cards, etc.

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  • Maelie


    Hullo. I heard that every Fan Faire participant gets a pass into the Free Realms beta.
    I’ve been wanting to play this game for months already, and I was wondering if you weren’t planning on using the beta pass if it’s possible that I could have it?

    What server are you on in EQII? I’d be willing to give you coin for it. =D

    I don’t mean this to offend. Just thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask.


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