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Tier 1
Guild Level 30
5 room guild hall house in Qeynos, Freeport, Neriak, etc.
50 plat 100 plat, no status to buy (nonrefundable if you upgrade)
Upkeep 50g, 50k personal status per week 1pp and 100k personal status

Tier 2
Guild Level 50
10 room house in the Hall of Thunder in South Qeyno or Stonestair Byway in Freeport.
250 plat 500 plat, no status to buy (nonrefundable if you upgrade)
Upkeep 2p50g, 100k status per week 5pp and 150k personal status per week

Tier 3
Guild Level 70
1,000 plat, no status to buy (nonrefundable if you upgrade)
25 room castle in Antonica or Commonlands
Upkeep 10pp and 200k personal status per week


  • 1,500 house item limit
  • Guild Hall Actions Log — see what people have done
  • Upgrade T1->T2->T3 done via moving crate system. Amenities are refunded.
  • Players can drop (donate) furniture but not pick up unless a gh trustee.
  • GU48 will offer harvesting quests — turn in 10, 20, and 30 times to get house item, nicer house item, and finally “Guild Constructor” title
  • Status Reduction Furniture HAS NO EFFECT on status upkeep. You can bet that all guilds are going to change their Ranks from measuring Guild Status to Contributed Escrow Status for rankings.

Escrow System

Members can contribute plat and personal status (at full 100% not 10% to guild hall
Escrow carries over when guild hall is upgraded from T1->T2->T3

Purchasable items. Start with 5 and gain 2 for each level. 42 amenities at game launch.

Amenities value is refunded when upgrading from T1->T2->T3

  • Call of Guild Hall
  • Mariner’s Bell (T3) to Ant, CL, etc.
  • Druid NPC to port
  • Complete Tradeskill setup including writ givers and merchant
  • Tradeskill Supply Depot — store materials and fuels for tradeskilling in guild hall
  • Mender Bot (guild leader can set guild to comp up to 100% of mender fees)
  • Intraguild Broker — place items on broker that only guild can buy
  • 1 Raid Strategist Tactical Rally Banner — drop flag at zone to raid (2 hour lifespan)
  • 5 teleporters can be placed in guild hall to teleport — even with speed hack, the T3 hall is freaking huge and takes a long time to run along
  • Set race and clothes of all house npcs (hirelings) via. mannequin system
  • House Broker (flat 20%? not real clear)
  • Guild Cloak Designer
  • Creature Conjurer — summon mobs for practice fighting
  • Tradeskill Table
  • Courtyard Statue Sentry — perfect for PvP when you need to keep other players out!
  • Magic Carpet to Sinking Sands
  • Vendor to buy “trash”
  • Npc to buy status items.


Head of Trakanon, Godking, etc. which drop off their raid items (2 trophies per expansion) and can be placed in hall.

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  • MadMax


    Very thorough write-up! Best info I’ve seen on guild halls to date!


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