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Sentinel’s Fate: The Hole Preview

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This is not been well-known until now. I’m thrilled to announce that the large contested zone part of Sentinel’s Fate — The Hole — will be playable as both a large Contested with 3 wings and 3 entrances, and 3 individual Instances for those players who prefer an instanced gameplay style and pace.

Check out the preview of both the Contested and Instance versions of The Hole at EQ2Players, including interviews with Developers and some great screen shots and wallpapers from this epic sized (but group-targeted) zone. 😉

The difficulty and level range of the Instances by the way is:

  • Demitrik’s Bastion: 85-90 Difficulty level – Easy to Moderate
  • The Outer Vault: 88-90 Difficulty level – Moderate
  • Spirit’s Resonance: 88-90 Difficulty level – Moderate

The Hole Review @ EQ2Players


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