Update Notes: Tuesday March 28, 2017

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From the EQ2 Forums:

Kaesora: Xalgozian Stronghold [Solo, Heroic, Expert Heroic]

  • Over-General Vihgoh should no longer path into the walls when idle and not being attacked.


  • Monk and Bruiser TSO raid set 6-piece bonus (riposte chance) now stacks properly with their class focus effects.
  • Warlock TSO raid set 2-piece bonus now grants some additional damage to Apocalypse.
  • Several TSO tradeskill items that had a required level of 82 have been correctly set to level 80.
  • Several items in Kurn’s Tower have had their stats upgraded slightly to match items from Ward of Elements.


  • Vanishing Act – Damaging “a visage of fear” too quickly will no longer prevent the quest from updating.


  • Shanaira the Prestigious in Arcanna’se Spire: Order and Chaos [Raid] should now correctly update personal achievements.
  • All bosses within Crypt of Dalnir: The Kly Stronghold [Expert-Raid] and Arcanna’se Spire: Order and Chaos [Expert-Raid] should now award flawless achievements.
  • Corrected an issue that caused the guild achievement for defeating Setri Lureth to not update correctly.

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  • Ohnix


    About Over-General Vihgoh … well it sure would be nice if he did something more than constantly resetting every 1-2 seconds

    solo Xalgozian Stronghold wednesday 10:50am PST


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