Update Notes: Friday February 10, 2017

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From the EQ2 Forums:


  • A filter has been added to the missions list in the quest journal.


  • Replaced a dropped digit in the adept Strength of the Ancestors.


  • Corrected an issue with Chronal Mastery that was preventing the fervor effect from applying to the entire group.


  • Pet Weapon Mastery will no longer overwrite Planeswalker or Reaper default weapon with a weaker weapon.


  • Reaper’s Soul Drain will no longer heal the Reaper’s target.


  • The triggered effect of Void Mastery is now named Void Surge.


  • Corrected an issue with Fiery Blast clearing the recorded damage value when it double casts. Fiery Blast no longer double casts and will instead multiply damage based off of Spell and/or Ability Doublecast.


  • Impart Faith should now cast at the correct base ward value. If you have the same tier of spell in Shield of Faith the ward values should be identical.


  • Corrected several cases where TSO set effects were dealing less damage with their upgraded versions (eg. Life Drain II was doing more damage than Life Drain III).


  • The mission, Crypt Jaunt, in Crypt of Dalnir: Baron’s Workship [Heroic], can now be completed.
  • “An Unfinished Catalogue” in Lost City of Torsis: Reaver’s Remnants [Heroic] can now be un-unfinished.
  • Shades of Drinal: Trial of Everafter – Drinal’s Steward, located at Ashen Tower, will now respond appropriately, even if you have completed “Shades of Drinal: Great and Small”
  • Feast for a Gift – A failure string has been added for those who do not meet the requisites for this quest, when shared.
  • Quests Awakening Bonds: Forks in the Road – Zealots of Grozmok, ghostly bats and impurity mobs required for these updates have had their difficulty reduced.

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Comments (6)

  • Armageddoux


    Any idea at what time the upgrade will be processed ?


  • Armageddoux


    A previous week there was an error on the hour for European server upgrade and even an huge one for the year of upgrade !

    Last Tuesday we knew when but not what …

    Today we know what but not when …

    it’s becoming really more and more funny …. is funny the right English word ? 😥


    • Anaogi


      I think “pathetic” might be more apt.


    • Ohnix


      Curious or Interesting if you’re looking for mildly sarcastic words. 😉


  • Nothingmissed


    If you happen to be practicing sarcasm, then funny works quite well 😀 ……


    • Armageddoux


      That’s exactly what I thought !


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