Day 6: Daybreak Login Issues Persist

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Not sure what else to say about the nearly week-long Login problems at this point, except that maybe @DaybreakGames shouldn’t tweet the suggestion that login problems are likely the fault of the customer’s computer or internet connection. This tweet rubbed more than a few people the wrong way:

Thursday afternoon as issues were resolved:


Wednesday morning:

The EQ2 Forums now bear this message at the top:

Status: 2/9/2017 7:01 PST – We are currently investigating an issue with logging into the game.

Meanwhile some other game tweets:

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  • Ohnix


    Neither Launchpad Nor Executable working for me @ 9:25am PST. Both Launchpad and Executable eventually tells me invalid UID / PWD after failing on ‘..trying login server #1’. Hmmm, still strikes me as funny since I just used that UID/PWD pair to login before being presented with the “Login rejected: Invalid username or password. Please try again”. something has an unusual scent here…


  • Mermut


    Login server is the least of the issues now… 90%+ of the instances are down…


  • Archangel


    ‘Dey Break Games’ problem is longer than 6 days.

    Five days and more earlier:

    Starting February 4 2017:

    Daybreak Games ‏‪@DaybreakGames‬ Feb 4
    While Game servers are available we are still looking into an issue which is preventing some players from logging in.
    522 replies

    Daybreak Games ‏‪@DaybreakGames‬ Feb 4

We are continuing to resolve an issue with logins affecting all games. We hope to have this resolved shortly!

    379 replies

    Daybreak Games ‏‪@DaybreakGames‬ Feb 4
    We are currently looking into an issue that may be impacting logins. Thanks for your patience!

    208 replies

    Ask PlayStation ‏@AskPlayStation Feb 2
    We’re aware that some users are experiencing issues logging into PSN. Thanks for your patience as we investigate:
    228 replies

    Daybreak Games ‏@DaybreakGames Jan 26
    We are looking into an issue impacting logins and server performance. Thanks for your patience!
    253 replies

    Daybreak Games Retweeted
    King of the Kill ‏@H1Z1KotK Jan 26
    All EU Solo games will be unavailable at 8 PM PT (4 AM UTC) for maintenance to address technical issues. Estimated 3 hour downtime.
    53 replies

    Daybreak Games ‏@DaybreakGames Jan 26
    We are currently looking into an issue which may impact some player logins and ability to see both DGC and in game currency.
    125 replies

    Daybreak Games ‏@DaybreakGames Jan 25
    Daybreak Games Retweeted Daybreak Games
    Launchpad issues have been resolved – please contact @DaybreakHelp if you need further assistance. Thanks again for your patience – game on!
    Daybreak Games added,
    Daybreak Games @DaybreakGames
    Still working towards a resolution for this Launchpad issue – will keep you updated here when it’s resolved.
    32 replies

    Daybreak Games ‏@DaybreakGames Jan 25
    Daybreak Games Retweeted
    Still working towards a resolution for this Launchpad issue – will keep you updated here when it’s resolved.
    Daybreak Games added,
    This Tweet is unavailable.
    35 replies

    Daybreak Games ‏@DaybreakGames Jan 25
    We are currently investigating issues some of you may be experiencing with the Launchpad – thank you for your patience!
    121 replies

    Daybreak Games ‏@DaybreakGames Jan 21
    We are currently investigating an issue which may impact game logins. Thank you for your patience!
    131 replies

    Daybreak Games ‏@DaybreakGames Jan 17
    We are currently investigating reports of server lag and login issues impacting all games. Thank you for your patience.
    69 replies

    Daybreak Games Help ‏@DaybreakHelp Jan 10
    Crashing in your favorite @DaybreakGames game? Check out these possible solutions: … #DaybreakHelp
    7 replies

    ****** Maybe not an outlier problem. ******
    Daybreak Games ‏@DaybreakGames Jan 6
    Thanks for the reports regarding currency issues; we have deployed a fix to impacted games. You may need to log out & back in to see a fix.
    13 replies

    Daybreak Games ‏@DaybreakGames Jan 2
    We are currently resolving an issue that may prevent some players from logging in. We appreciate your patience!
    46 replies

    Daybreak Games ‏@DaybreakGames 30 Dec 2016
    Unable to log in to your account? Trying to recover an account? Start here with these tips from Customer Support.
    11 replies 0 retweets 9 likes
    Reply 11

    ****** The ‘problem’ is born?? ******
    Daybreak Games ‏@DaybreakGames 26 Dec 2016
    Need assistance with your account? Here’s how you can get in touch with @DaybreakHelp.
    5 replies

    Seven Days (1998-2001)


  • Armageddoux


    unable to connect during 90 minutes and then endly I could login. Don’t even know why.

    what is sure is that was neither coming from my computer nor from my box (I read the tweet also (made me laugh :mrgreen: )
    As I finally could connect we weren’t a lot on Thurgardin (thought a while I connected on Storms erroneously 😆


  • Democyde


    All I know that for the last two months or so, when I fire up the launcher it kills my internet for about 30 seconds to minute. I didn’t worry about it much because it was brief, self resolved itself, and I was afraid that in trying to fix the issue, I might unintentionally exacerbate it.

    Now I wonder if perhaps there’s a corollary. Has anyone else had this problem?


    • Democyde


      “30 seconds to a minute”



    • Lateana


      I have the same issue.


  • Anaogi


    OK, am I the only one that hasn’t had problems logging in?


    • Genram


      I have not had any problems either.


  • Rotchi


    If you fire to many people you get a bad product…..

    SOE changed to Daybreak like bad changed to “do not touch, run far away”


  • zzzzzzzz's


    I can’t even log into the forums because it tells me I have an incorrect username or password which is BS. Same thing happens on my home PC and work PC. Happens when I try logging into the game too…after 5 or 6 tries using my exe file it sometimes lets me log in. I’m sick of it telling me I have a wrong username or password. This issue is not new but it has been at its worst over the past week.


  • Lurker


    FFXIV is nice.


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