Love is in the Air – Erollisi Day Returns!

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Erollisi Day
Love is in the air: Erollisi Day has returned! This year the event will begin at 12:01am PT on Thursday, February 9th and conclude 11:59pm PT on Tuesday, February 21st. There is one new quest, a new recipe scroll, several merchant items, and a new achievements to enjoy on top of all previous returning content. Check out EQ2 Traders Corner for DenMum’s pictures of this year’s holiday items. TLE servers can enjoy the entire event!

Guide Sections:

Too many alts? Get the Erollisi Day quest tracker! Print it out or copy it to your own Google Drive by going to the File menu and choosing “Make a copy…”.


(NEW) Tender Traps in Obulus Frontier Collect love notes and candy in Obulus Frontier.
Heart of the Shattered Lands Collect love loot from races that found refuge in Qey & FP.
Doomed Lovers Collect love notes and candy from the undead.
Thalumbra Lovers Do It Deep Collect love notes and candy in Thalumbra.
Passions of Kunark Collect love notes and candy throughout Kunark.
Love Found in Innothule Collect love notes and candy throughout Innothule.
Love on the Shattered Seas Collect love loot in the Tranquil & Phantom Seas.
Love is Eternal Collect love notes and candy throughout the Ethernere.
Burning Passions in a Frigid Land Collect love notes and candy throughout Velious.
Hearts Across Faydwer Collect love notes and candy throughout Faydwer.
Cherished Confections Simmer up some sinfully sweet sidedishes.
Lovely Lacquer Craft a full set of Erollisi Day furniture.
On Wings of Love Score over 110 in the Hearts a’Flutter event.
Rose-Tinted Obsession Craft ten Erollisi Day decorations featuring roses.
A Rose by Any Other Name… Hand out 25 roses to fellow adventurers.
Make That a Bouquet Hand out 100 roses to fellow adventurers.
No Love Lost Here Hand out 250 roses to fellow adventurers.
A Sea of Roses Hand out 500 roses to fellow adventurers.
Romeo’s Got Nothin’ On Me Hand out 1000 roses to fellow adventurers.
Enamored of Erollisi Complete these quests:

  • Bouquet of Trust, Harts Full of Trust, Sacrificial Trust
  • Unforgettable
  • Shot Through the Heart, What’s Love Got to Do With It?
  • Hearts a’Flutter
  • Tainted Love or Heal the Pain
  • Find ’em a Find, Catch ’em a Catch
  • Love Lines

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Quest Name Repeatability Starts In…
(NEW) You Don’t Bring Me Flowers Once Per Year Darklight Wood
Cuts Like a Knife Once Per Year Butcherblock Mountains
Vision of Love Once Per Year Stonebrunt Mountains
A Cold-Hearted Snake Once Per Year Lavastorm
Could It Be Magic? Once Per Year Thundering Steppes
I Melt With You Once Per Year Great Divide
Find ’em a Find, Catch ’em a Catch! Once Per Year Antonica/Commonlands
Bouquet of Trust Non-Repeatable New Halas
Harts Full of Trust Non-Repeatable New Halas
Sacrificial Trust Non-Repeatable New Halas
Unforgettable Non-Repeatable New Halas
Shot Through the Heart Non-Repeatable New Halas
What’s Love Got to Do With It? Non-Repeatable New Halas
Heal the Pain
Tainted Love
Once Per Year*
*The quest you choose will be your
only option in subsequent years.
New Halas
Love Lines Once Per Year Freeport/Qeynos
Love Potion Number One Non-Repeatable Guide Quest
My Romantic Reputation Non-Repeatable N/A
Romantic Flower Petals Collection Varies
Hearts a’Flutter: Antonica Infinitely Repeatable Antonica
Hearts a’Flutter: Commonlands Infinitely Repeatable Commonlands

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New Quest Walkthroughs

QUEST: You Don’t Bring Me Flowers
REWARDS: Erollisi coin x5, Tickled Pink Baby Dragon Clothwork (house pet)
TO START: Speak to Amber G’Ris at /way -372, -62, 252 inside a building within Hate’s Envy in Darklight Wood (Amber should be safe to reach at all levels, regardless of alignment. There are no guards nearby.)

Amber G’Ris, a perfumer in Hate’s Envy, has run out of the essential oil she needs to produce her highly sought after scents. She has promised to reward me for obtaining the oil of the dieanthus flower for her, from Timorous Deep.

  1. Obtain 12 essential dieanthus oils, found on the middle island of Timorous Deep, north of the travel globe. They are trackable flower npcs that turn into level-scaled mobs when you approach. Kill them for the updates.
  2. Return to Amber to complete the quest


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Returning Quest Walkthroughs

NOTE: Most, but not all, quest guides are included below. Leave a comment if there’s other quests that would benefit from being listed as well!


QUEST: Cuts Like a Knife
REWARDS: Erollisi coin x5, Lover’s Purse (house item)
TO START: Speak to Trelawny at /way -757, 102, 408 in Butcherblock Mountains, near the Lesser Faydark zoneline

  1. Kill 12 animated obsidians (scales to level) around /way -60, 181, 314
  2. Return to Trelawny to complete the quest


QUEST: Vision of Love
REWARDS: Erollisi coin x5, a Gazing Lover (house item)
TO START: Speak to Illixxol at /way -342, 400, 860 in Stonebrunt Mountains
To find Illixxol, take the wizard spire to Stonebrunt and go east out of Quel’ule. Turn right at the end of the broken pathway, then head up the green.

  1. Speak with Rhema Sa’Din at /way -435, 380, 674
  2. Head to Moonfield Hamlet and kill 12 slobberjaw pups (scales to level) around /way 48, 375, 1167
    • Lower level chars can speak to the Temporal Guide at /way -523, 378, 578 for safe passage to Moonfield
  3. Return to Illixxol to complete the quest


QUEST: Find ’em a Find, Catch ’em a Catch! (good) (evil)
REWARDS: Erollisi coin x6; choose between several items (see below)
TO START (good): Speak to David Torchsong at /way 135, -22, -28 in Antonica outside North Qeynos
TO START (evil): Speak to Diana Heartstrings at /way -1099, -59, 51 in The Commonlands outside Freeport

If this is your first time participating in Erollisi Day, you must begin with this quest.

  1. Speak to several people within West Freeport or North Qeynos (see below)
  2. Return to Diana or David with these answers:
    1. Zak and Lysndra
    2. Tyluna and Colt
    3. Amund and Vixxi
    4. Marjorie and Beldrin
  3. Or use these alternate answers:
    1. Lynsdra and Tyluna
    2. Colt and Zak
    3. Amund and Vixxi
    4. Marjorie and Beldrin

Upon completion you are directed to head to New Halas in the Frostfang Sea.

NPC Freeport Qeynos
Amund /way 155, 1, 123 /way 287, -19, 12
Beldrin /way 28, -18, 83 /way 278, -19, -73
Colt /way 133, -4, -82 /way 431, -20, -332
Lysandra /way 45, -12, 93 /way 411, -21, -192
Marjorie /way 201, -3, 70 /way 284, -16, 32
Tyluna /way 195, -2, -119 /way 393, -18, -236
Vixxie /way -101, -21, -84 /way 356, -21, 149
Zak /way 296, -4, 16 /way 424, -26, -56



QUEST: Unforgettable
REWARDS: Erollisi coin x2
REQUIRES: Find ’em a Find, Catch ’em a Catch!, Bouquet of Trust, Harts Full of Trust, Sacrificial Trust
TO START: Speak to to Priest Aaronolis Swornlove at /way 23, 148, -53 next to the Cairn of the Huntress in New Halas

    1. Talk to Cerydes at /way -119, 147, -40 in New Halas
    2. Speak to Priestess Annalisa Swornlove at /way 8, 149, -63 in New Halas. This step will only update once you complete these quests:
      1. Complete Shot Through the Heart
      2. Complete What’s Love Got to Do With It? (see below)
    3. Return to Cerydes
    4. Return to Aaronolis to complete the quest


    QUEST: What’s Love Got to Do With It?
    REWARDS: Erollisi coin x4, Flowering Pink Circlet, Intricate Tapestry
    EXTRA REWARD: The Enemy Within (obtained during quest)
    REQUIRES: Unforgettable, Shot Through the Heart
    TO START: Speak to Priestess Annalisa Swornlove at /way 8, 149, -63 in New Halas

    1. Enter Nektropos Castle: Love’s Errand in Nektulos Forest (instanced zone option from the normal entrance)
    2. Head into the stable in the northeast part of the entrance room. A falling block trap will strike you in here for 45% of your health and shrink you temporarily.
    3. After the stable, head south toward the jail room. The jailers inside are optional to kill.
    4. Continue south from the jail until you reach the chapel door
    5. Click on the scroll inside the chapel at /way -20, -1, 54 behind Ullkorruuk’s statue
    6. In front of the statue, dust off the stone, then read it aloud (click it twice to do this)
    7. Speak to the NPC, Kirstiana X’aphon, that spawns
    8. Leave the chapel and head south again. Click on the hidden door on the southern face of the wall at /way -20, 0, 67.
    9. Go up the stairs and exit the doorway at /way -44, 14, 73
    10. Head west toward the dining room; there are poltergeist mobs that will spawn if you enter it, but they are optional to kill
    11. Exit or bypass the dining room; continue west then north down the hall
    12. There are two bedrooms on the eastern side of the hall; each bedroom hallway has a trap you can attempt to disarm before entering them
    13. Kill the restless liches in both bedrooms
    14. Return to and enter the library at /way -27, 13, 65; you will occasionally be attacked while in here
    15. Click on the blue book in the northwestern quadrant of the library, sitting on the center book shelves at /way -19, 14, 47
    16. Return to Annalissa in New Halas to complete the quest and update Unforgettable


    QUEST: Love Potion Number One
    REWARDS: Erollisi Mistletoe
    TO START: Given by a volunteer guide on live servers. On Test speak to Brosha the Brokenhearted at /way 51, -43, -837 in The Commonlands.

    1. In Antonica, go to the shore north of the Ruins of Caltorsis and pick a flower of true love’s hope
    2. Go to The Graveyard (accessed from The Commonlands or a Freeport world bell) and pick a rose at /way -25, -9, 63
    3. Kill any type of fairy for magical fairy dust (EL or DLW are good places for this)
    4. In Darklight Wood, speak to the fortune teller at Wanderlust Fair to brew the potion
    5. In Enchanted Lands, enter the pub on the docks and slip the potion into Luc‘s drink


    COLLECTION: Romantic Flower Petals
    : Passion Veiled Screen

    Collection Item Found in…
    Cobalt Chrysanthemum Petal
    Crimson Rose Petal
    Onyx Rose Petal
    East Freeport
    North Qeynos
    Qeynos Harbor
    Emerald Chrysanthemum Petal
    Golden Rose Petal
    Velious Chrysanthemum Petal
    Enchanted Lands
    New Halas
    Ivory Rose Petal
    Royal Rose Petal
    Sunset Chrysanthemum Petal

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    History and Trivia

    Erollisi Day has underwent many evolutions over its long history.

    • 2005: Priest Aaronolis Swornlove offered the quest Love of Ages Past, which rewarded Erollisi’s Charm, an item that converted into a mounted house item version. This quest was later discontinued.
    • 2006: Goldie Hammerfall and Stinky Sideswiper offered the original Hearts a’Flutter contests.
    • 2009: Prelude to the opening of Shard of Love: A Moment of Valor. During Erollisi Day players could participate in the one-time quests, Seeking Love’s Fate through Valor or Seeking Love’s Fate in the City of Hate. In a GU53 world event the Shard of Love was opened up by completing Through the Gates of Bliss for Love or Through the Gates of Bliss for Hate. This also began furthering Erollisi Marr’s story.
    • 2009/2010: Landax Z’Torzin offered evil aligned players the quest Bouquet of Thorny Trust, which introduced citizens of Freeport, Neriak, and Gorowyn to the Swornlove siblings. The quest was discontinued in 2011 after New Halas was added to the game.
    • 2011: During the one-time quest Total Eclipse of the Heart, players discovered that Selena (aka Ullkorruuk) never passed into the Ethernere.
    • 2012: A prelude event to Erollisi Day, “A Goddess Risen“, introduced the quests Unbreak My Heart, Captive Heart, and Thief of Hearts. We learned that both Erollisi Marr and Ulkorruuk’s essences were trapped inside the Cairn of the Huntress, and returned them to Norrath at the end of the series. (Erollisi did not become worshippable until 2015; Ulkorruuk is still not worshippable.)
    • 2012: The Hearts a’Flutter contest got a modern revamp to its current version.


    Did You Know? Many Erollisi-related quest names are titles (or lyrics) of songs!

    Quest Name Origin Song/Artist YouTube
    Find ’em a Find, Catch ’em a Catch Matchmaker, Matchmaker
    (Fiddler on the Roof)
    What’s Love Got to Do With It? Tina Turner X
    Shot Through the Heart Bon Jovi’s You Give Love a Bad Name X
    Total Eclipse of the Heart Bonnie Tyler X
    Unbreak My Heart Toni Braxton X
    Captive Heart Selena* X
    Thief of Hearts Melissa Manchester** X
    Unforgettable Nat King Cole X
    Heal the Pain George Michael X
    Tainted Love Gloria Jones*** X
    I Melt With You Modern English X
    A Cold-Hearted Snake Paula Abdul’s Cold Hearted X
    Could It Be Magic? Barry Manilow X
    Vision of Love Mariah Carey X
    Cuts Like a Knife Bryan Adams X
    You Don’t Bring Me Flowers Neil Diamond & Barbra Streisand X

    * Selena is also Ulkoruuk’s real name!
    ** Bon Jovi [2004], Tina Turner [1996], and Madonna [1992] also have songs titled Thief of Hearts. All four variations (including Manchester‘s [1984]) have different lyrics.
    *** Tainted Love was revamped with a different arrangement in 1981 by Soft Cell, a version that Marilyn Manson later covered in 2001

    YouTube playlists: Erollisi Day – Full (all variations) and Erollisi Day – Lite (single variation).

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