EQ2Library Updated for Kunark Ascending

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We’re happy to report that Ablivion’s invaluable EQ2Library site has received some updates for the new Kunark Ascending expansion. For the past few expansions, his site has contained detailed strategies for Heroic zones, Gear recommendations, selected Loot information for popular zones, and more. For Kunark Ascending, he’s already started working on documenting the Overland Achievements, Collections, Timed Treasure Hunt quests, the Ascension system, Tradeskills, Consumables, Merc Gear & Leveling, Adornments, and much much more.

View the Kunark Ascending section of EQ2Library.com

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Comments (4)

  • zzzz's


    Thank you Ablivion!


  • Anaogi




  • Sweatypie


    The 190 resolve recommendation..

    In my opinion that should be without group buffs. If you have around 220-225 resolve and do the dungeons he marked as 190 you will not be able to handle some of the DPS encounters, which there are plenty of in this expansion.

    Either that or every single group I have healed the last two weeks have been horrible.


    • Ablivion


      The 190 resolve IS the group resolve. If you detect weakness on T1 bosses they have 190 resolve. Having over 190 resolve doesn’t benefit you in any way. Having any less then that will reflect on incoming and outgoing damage.


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